Landmark Deal: US, Russia Agree On Dismantling Syria Chem Weapons


Russia and the United States reached a deal on a framework that will see the destruction or removal of Syria’s chemical weapons by mid- 2014. Under the plan, the Assad government has one week to hand over an inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal. READ MORE:

Diplomatic Rollercoaster: ‘US’s Syria military option off table – but only for now’

First agreements have been reached in Geneva on Syria’s chemical weapons – after a tiring three days of talks, Russian and American top diplomats say Damascus must reveal its arsenal within a week – and start disarming within a month. Manuel Ochsenreiter, German journalist focusing on the Syrian crisis, joins RT to discuss this issue.

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U.S., Russia reach agreement on seizure of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal

Assad has one week to account for weapons

Arsenal must be destroyed by mid-2014


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