Las Vegas Shooting – I’m Not Sure If This Has Anything To Do With The Shooting, But No One Has Mentioned The Fact That There’s An Abandoned 33-Room Motel On The Concert Venue Grounds.

So – Here is something I happened to notice on the FBI’s website

It’s a map of sections of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Site for use in assisting victims of the October 1, 2017 shooting in Las Vegas in collecting their personal effects. Look at the map closely. Does anything in particular jump out at you? Something that’s never been discussed before?

Here’s a big hint.

Apparently, there’s an abandoned 33-room motel located within the concert venue. I haven’t seen The LVMPD, the FBI, or any mainstream media/independent journalists mention this.

The motel was built in 1959 and was called The White Sands Motel.

I had hoped to be able to share a great video in this post. It was a Google Earth fly-over of the whole area. using actual satellite images from the day after the shooting. Unfortunately, as you can see below, the channel that posted it has been taken down by Youtube.

Link to removed video

I did manage to capture some screen shots before the video was taken down and I archived them.

Here’s a screen shot from 0:47 and I went ahead and labeled certain places –

Morning after overview of Las Vegas Village

You can tell it’s an actual satellite view from the day after the shooting because if you look at that Lawn Chair Seating Area, you can see all the lawn chairs and personal effects that people left behind as they fled the scene. (those white specs.) Also – remember that one police officer transmission that said shots were being fired from Gate 7? I’ve labeled Exit Gate 7, as well as Exit Gate 6 (where the cameraman of the Rare First Shots video exited the venue) and Exit Gate 5 (where he stopped to call his friends to find out where they were.)

Here’s another screen shot from the same video showing a better view of the Motel.

3-dimensional view of abandoned motel

Here is the only other screen shot I have from the now-deleted video.

Zoomed out view of the entire area

In this view, you can see the motel, the dirt and paved parking lots on the other side of Giles Street, and the aviation fuel tanks. Notice the building where I’ve drawn the orange line. That is the business where the B&W security camera parking lot footage that was shown on Tucker Carlson’s show came from. The person’s channel that got with the business owner to obtain that footage was 5X5 News. His channel featured the whole hour and a half video – not just the part that was shown on Tucker. It is this same person who made the flyover video and it’s his channel that has now been deleted.

About the Motel

White Sands Motel Circa 1978

According to the below article from the Las Vegas Sun, the motel closed in 1999.

How Much is a Dilapidated Strip Motel Worth?

“The shape of the White Sands property “adds to the complexity” of what could be developed there, Parks said. The rectangular site has little frontage along Las Vegas Boulevard and is surrounded on its other three sides by MGM Resorts International-owned festival grounds. Investors could “maybe” build retail space or try to “squeeze a hotel on there,” Parks said. As he sees it, MGM is the logical buyer but would not pay $25 million.

The Las Vegas Sun article also has a slide show with different photographs of the motel. I don’t think that tall white entrance sign that has “White Sands” in red letters is big enough or wide enough for someone to be able to stand on and shoot from. But what about the part of the sign that is closer to the ground? You can see it behind the barbed wired in Image 3 of the slide show. Not sure if the top part of that lower sign is wide enough for someone to stand on, either.

When I looked at the address on Google Street view I could see a sign out front that said “Available Parcel” and gave an email address to contact. The sign also had a rendering of a tall skinny tower as an example of something that could possibly built on the site. I couldn’t zoom in close enough to get a good picture of the actual tower rendering, but here’s an April 2017 Google Street View of the sign.

Take note of the above photo because I’ll be coming back to it later.

Here’s a photo of the motel at night when it was still in operation.

Article Continues Below

Next is a photo taken from the interior driveway looking back towards Las Vegas Blvd. North wing, check-in area and Excalibur Hotel are visible and labeled. Image

Here’s two views of the former entrance sign side by side. One is looking towards the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Southwest and the other is looking towards the Tropicana Hotel (East Tower – closest to Hooters) Image

Also – another view of the pool area looking towards the NE. MGM Grand, Tropicana East Tower and Hooters all visible as well as the base of the former entrance sign. Image

This next photo taken after the shooting shows enough of the motel above those teal seats on risers for you get a general idea of just how high the roof was. It looks to be higher than those teal seats in front of it, but that may just be due to the angle the photo was taken from.

The Night of the Shooting

Here’s a video I watched several weeks ago. A woman tells her story about her and her boyfriend’s escape from the venue. She doesn’t have any footage from while the shooting was taking place, but she does have some footage of her and her friend walking around the venue before the shooting started.


About 20 seconds into the video, her boyfriend has talked her into riding the Sky Flyer Ride that was on the north side of the venue – north of the Motel. I think this was about an hour or so before the shooting. Here’s a screen shot as they’re starting to rise up into the air and you can see the White Sands former entrance sign.

In this second screen shot, they’re starting to go higher up in the air and at one point they’re pretty much directly over the motel. I had to lighten the photo a bit to get the motel to show up better, but overall, the place was not lit up very well.

In the third screen shot, the ride is almost over and they’re starting to come down. – Image

Initially, I had wondered what all those unmarked white cars in front of the fence that separates Las Vegas Blvd. and the sidewalk from the motel on the other side of the fence were. The cars are all parked backed in – facing out towards Las Vegas Blvd. Later, I was able to determine that they were just police cars.

I also went back and watched that Raymond Page video.

RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting

This screen shot is from the very last frame. You can see one of the white cars in the driveway. In the inset, you can also see the same two signs I posted from Google street view earlier.

I also watched another Raymond Page video where he loaded wounded people into his Clark County truck and drove them to a nearby ambulance near Las Vegas Blvd. & Tropicana Ave.

Screen shot 1

Screen Shot 2

What about the roof of the motel? The area closest to the pool seems to be a little higher than the roof area of the rest of south wing the building. The check-in office closest to Las Vegas Blvd. seems to be higher than the rest of the roof on the north wing. Could that roof area have been a possible place for someone to have been able to fire shots in the direction of the Excalibur or the Tropicana, accounting for some of the reports of shootings near other hotels?

Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth did a live stream on 11/11/2017 and he walked right by the motel and even stopped to film an unmarked cop car. I think he was so focused on the car he didn’t even notice the motel.

Here’s a screen shot

I wonder if that’s Las Vegas Police undercover or FBI?

Another question – Who is responsible for making sure people could not get in that area? I would think it would be the property owner (Colleli) and not MGM since they don’t own that parcel.

I really don’t know if the motel could have played some part in the shooting, but I did think it was odd that no one has said anything about it. I just wanted to share what info I was able to find out. Maybe some of you will pick up on something I missed. Maybe some of you Las Vegans will be able to provide more information abut this motel.



h/t LoneStarMike59


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