Leaving no stone unturned: Mystery as 13 historic military tombstones found in man’s backyard… while he’s gardening

A man tending to his backyard was in for the shock of his life when he found 13 tombstones embedded in the soil.

Jason Blackburn, who works as a nurse at the Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women in Memphis, Tennessee, was doing some yard work when he discovered a large headstone beneath a few inches of dirt.

Upon further research, he released these stones were not decorative, and belonged to soldiers who likely died in the 1960s.

Mr Blackburn told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that his first reaction was of complete astonishment. He said: ‘I hope there’s (sic) not dead bodies in my backyard!’

He continued: ‘I mean, that’s the first reaction when you’re digging in your backyard and you find tombstones.’

The nurse noted that it was a ‘spooky’ coincidence that there were 13 tombstones in his backyard, which was built in 1913.


Unearthing the Past in Midtown:

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