Leftists DESTROYED On Gun Control! – Get TRIGGERED!

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Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth hit the streets to quiz people on gun control and see if anyone supports the right to self defense.
About 2 people truly support the right to bare arms, but the vast majority did not, or didn’t understand the question.
Statistically, places with more guns have less crime. That’s according to the FBI, NSC and countless other studies produced over the past 40+ years.
Following what recently happened in Las Vegas, people are easily emotional about the issue and then equate it to Trump. Trump is literally the worst to most of these people but they have no problem giving up their guns to him. It seems rather alarming. People are concerned about gun violence but not violence in general which there is less of when there are guns nearby.
People seem to only be okay with bad guys and government (usually synonymous) having guns.
One SJW got incredibly triggered when challenged on the issue.

We have a lot of work to do. This is just yet another example. It’s amazing we’re capable of keeping our calm while talking to these people.



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