Legislator to Tea Party: GET YOUR GUNS READY FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE… “Berlin Type Wall” Being Built In LA? Are They Preparing For Riots, Civil Unrest & Martial Law?

Washington state legislator Rep. Matt Shea (R) says preparation is crucial to get ready for what he calls “the inevitable collapse” of the US economy.

The Self-Reliance Rally event at an Idaho State Park had several speakers encouraging attendees to prepare by gathering arms and ammunition and considering forming militias.

“When it happens, we need to look at this as a opportunity, not a crisis,” Shea said. “Who’s job is liberty?That’s our job.”

Shea told the crowd to stock up on ammunition, stay in shape, practice shooting, learn self defense and special tactics.

He related a story from when he was in the military where a superior officer told him to remember an important lesson.

“Be prepared at any given moment to give up your job to do what is right,” he said. “You have to stand up for what is right – even if it means you have to stand up to your government,” Shea’s superior


“Berlin Type Wall” Being Built In LA? Are They Preparing For Riots, Civil Unrest & Martial Law?

Economic Collapse, End OF The World, WW3 Simulation

High Probability That Something Is About To Happen


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  • Buford

    Paranoid nonsense!

  • Devora

    Better to be paranoid than delusional…

  • GreyFace

    I can see why that fence is built. LOL… I tell ya what I invite you to hang out with me EVERY NIGHT from oh let’s say 1:20 AM to 4:40 AM. Bring your cameras!

    I’s a combination of problems. The fence stops only the “Script Kiddies” so to speak.
    Someone could drive through that gate with a stolen car for example…
    local kids work the metal bars until there is a hole in the fence.

    Clearly the people with the nice green lawns and painted (sealed from insects, and chemtrails) homes don’t want a piece of crap stinky couch or someone’s old tube TV with black widows dumped in front of their home, BECAUSE… (here’s where I agree there’s SOME agenda 21)

    The past decade has resulted in increases for everything. Among these is Waste Management’s cost (audit their CAFR, they’re corrupt as hell) This is because of the local city council’s authority (I won’t call it leadership when your spending your time targeting cannabis collectives exploiting zoning laws) The thing that’s missing from this picture is the CITY’s sign that says if you put shit in front of your house in the street you have to pay for it. Welp, Imagine ya didn’t put the crap there.. Yet, your going to pay for it. SO yeah, screw that wild city misguided crap, build gates. It’s a friendly gate in that you can SEE through it. I mean hell if someone just got their head blown off in a coke deal gone bad, wouldn’t you want to be able to see 100 yards away from your porch that scum isn’t targeting your morning commute to take your kids to school?! Yes you do want to see that nobody is 20 feet from your front door when you open it. Yes you don’t want illegal dumping on your gutter/sidewalk. Funny I used to drive a dump truck, I always had the moral that, if it’s CLEAN dirt, rock then it’s just taking some crap from one part of the Earth and dropping it elsewhere, but when it came to trash and man made ***t that shines in the sunlight — e.g. metal, toxic crap in glass, oil, etc I drew the line. I be happy to dig your swimming pool out and move that CLEAN material to right down the god damn street and dump it and build a HILL. Cause it harms NOTHING. also some land owners care, some don’t, some will let you dump, PAY you to bring them stuff, and other times, well it’s a crap shoot lol.

    But that fence is there for the security of those homes. You can argue there ought be a gate with access, and all that crap in front of the gate be cleared, but that’s more of a fire hazzard/access type thing. And there are codes to get in gates.

    But then watchin this cool (and I am glad they are LOOKING!!) video and you argue, those were locks with no keys on that gate, Welp I agree bud.. Ask yourself this though, are you willing to provide electricity and a keypad at the location in question? And if so, have you ever seen what happens and the cost when they steal or destroy the same of which we speak?
    It’s a practical matter. Those are not Agenda 21 homes — stack and pack. That’s a fence to keep the litterbugs out, and the lawns to go brown.

    I been down in LA, I lived there in an illegal exotic animal import business back in the 70’s, that fence is old school. It may be new, but it’s to fix an old school problem. People = S**T

    Who of you has crossed the line into Canada and notice no litter?
    Who of you has CLEANED 50 Yards of Road Side Both Sides of the Street while a Motorcycle Cop (angry as hell at you) watches? But hey you didn’t get the 500 fine and year jail, and indeed you became aware and productive to this planet again.

    I say this, watch those gates, see if they are a danger to fire exit. Make sure they comply. Get an official answer from the OWNER of the properties the Gate Lay upon.

    That is all.

    • GreyFace

      The motorcycle cop was in Inglewood California in the 1970’s. The person doing the Cleaning was ME cause I tossed a butt and he saw me, my friend argued that I was from Northern California and just didn’t understand, Dude, and the cop agreed and I was getting crackin the whip screamed at like military drill training the whole fscking time and picking up everything in sight while being intimidated to holy hell for about an hour an fifteen minutes! LOL “LA street justice” Call me or Label me scared straight! wasn’t that about the same time?! lol

      I do not remember the Import business name, but they had the old school steampunk teletype (about 5′ 6″? tall on a pedestal with weird crap coming in from the entire planet, we didn’t buy some animals like exotic mammals-(like Cats)-too controversial even then, but we had LINKS to buy them (happy/sad on that info eh? Really IMHO if you want exotic mammal, provide the REASON..), anyway the only HINT I will give you is that a giant glass tank collapsed and crashed through the foundation of the building, with many crazy ass poisonous snakes and reptiles and spiders. I arrived there after that event, but check this out, I LIVED THERE above 200 rattlesnakes in separate cages. We used to go to the LA Airport at what 1:30 – 4:45 in the morning and unload the planes from all the fish, we then took the fish and put them in acclimated water (water that we did stuff to, and then it had to sit three days to be ready) so they don’t die. Everything else goes into whatever cages. I did that with the boxes/re-boxing, I did that in the stores (where you get your PETS from.) Ever been bitten by a large GREEN SNAKE? lol I have.

      Visualize this, flyin down the LA freeway in a RED GTO and suddenly blood is spraying all over the place, a fine mist, as several of us got bit multiple times by the one snake we had out of the cage loose, enjoying him… Soon we hit the CRAWLING GRIDLOCK FOR HOURS IN THE SAME CAR WITH SAME SNAKE AND NO BOX…

      Buddhists call tat karma, I Call BS though, karma was invented by Buddhists. (side note: the it’s not a religion Buddhists, oh yeah then why is there a Buddhist Church -lol)

      No EVIL was done at this place I worked, it’s just that maybe snapping turtles under 2 inches might be illegal twice . lol 1. they’re snappin 2. they’re under two inches Anyone remember all the people that had turtles in their yards in the 1960’s? And bullfrogs? And Desert Spiders, and chupa cabras- okay I am kiddin now..

      Remember Volkswagon “The Thing?” Like a weird ass funky jeep.

      I would love to see Stan Meyers HHO car tech in that!

      I digress.. I don’t think those gates are for no reason. The reasons are because of the crappy leadership. The problems on one side of the fence are unwieldy, mostly trash dumping and theft, with some face to face retarded drug violence. Where drugs (if they are hard) I agree is a problem, but drugs where they are cannabis is no different than smoking.

      The Codex participates.
      The Schedule 1 BS crap (just like the BLS beauro of lies) participates
      The data collected isn’t always true. (There is something to start seriously pondering, can’t change your name address? then change the data being collected to shitsnizzlepoo)


      real magic. Make them go away

      • GreyFace

        IIRC – at the end of the motorcycle cop ordeal I was both crying and for about a week singing that song, “Litter Bug Litter Bug don’t you care, People Must Follow You Everywhere… Cleaning up places that you’ve been through, litterbug shame on you, it really makes me wonder what kind of life you keep, at every tour the world is your personal garbage heap” fscking classic…… but I swear to god I ain’t LYING.

        • GreyFace

          furthermore, back in the 1960’s I remember walking down the street and one house was building an airplane in the garage. Would you like that death grass fscking crabgrass and refridgerator garbage and have to pay for it in front of your home while you have your garage door open working on your aircraft exposed to such a neighborhood? The FOD (foreign object damage) potential is enough alone to make me agree that neighborhood needs a god damn fence. I don’t mind the kid riding a bike skidding up and going wow, and asking questions. But when people are sizing the hitch on the trailer for a quick get-away for the metal content… f that. Don’t like the fence cut it down…

  • Mike Smithy

    It is so refreshing to hear a legislator that is honest with the constituency.