Lets Give FBI Director Comey A Little Credit – He Refused To Co-Author CIA Speculative Report On Russian Interference Into 2016 Election – Why Not?

by Pamela Williams

I want to first say I think FBI Director Comey deserves some credit for refusing to put the name of the FBI on a CIA speculative report which had no “evidence” to back it up.  It was done entirely to help Hillary Clinton win the Election.  Lets step back in time to go over a few facts:
1.  On 7th October 2016 Director James Clapper signed off on behalf of US intelligence a statement that spoke of the US Intelligence Community’s “confidence” that the Russian government was behind the DNC and Podesta leaks, and it was publishing these leaks via Wikileaks in order to influence the outcome of the US Presidential election.
2.  On 10th October 2016 the DURAN published an excellent article in which it pointed out that the manipulative language use in this statement in fact proved that US intelligence does not have the evidence to support this claim.
3.  The FBI refused to co-author the CIA secret report, due to the fact Comey felt the report was issued to help Hillary Clinton win the election.  In fact, the DNC hack is a criminal offence, it is a statement of opinion made about a matter which is presumably being investigated by the police.   The relevant police agency is presumably the FBI, which significantly is not a co-author of the statement.
4.  It is not FBI Director Comey who is in breach of the provisions of the Hatch Act of 1939, which forbids US officials or agencies acting in a way that is intended to influence the outcome of an election.   By informing Congress of an ongoing FBI investigation, which is a matter of fact, in fulfilment of an earlier promise, he was simply doing his job. 
5.  BUT the CIA on the other hand directly and intentionally put out a speculative report to influence Election results which makes the CIA in violation of the Hatch Act of 1939.  Therefore, FBI Director James Comey should be let off the hook. 
Now that we have had a look back concerning the CIA “conclusion”…with no evidence…lets step forward to what James Clapper’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence (“ODNI”),  which supervises the work of all of the US’s 17 intelligence agencies, is saying at this time. Three ODNI officials have trashed the CIA claim that Russia provided Wikileaks with the DNC and Podesta leaks in order to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the US election.
So the CIA conclusion in their secret report is “secret”, because they have no evidence to support their report…all they have is their “conclusion”.
They are still saying, because they cannot come out and say it was all a lie concocted to help Hillary Clinton win the election, that they have concluded that Russia did hack, but it was not to help Donald Trump to win the Election…if you can understand that.  They have to base their conclusion on something.
It is definitely difficult to understand, but we should have the “facts” soon, as Obama has launched a full-fledge investigation into the entire matter.  But at this time, I would like to commend FBI Director Comey for refusing to put the FBI’s name on the report.  I further hope that charges of violating the Hatch Act will be lifted from him and put on the CIA.
The DURAN IS AN EXCELLENT PUBLICATION.  I thank them for their analysis of this situation.  End of commentary.



“If the statement is merely a statement of opinion based on inference of which guesses about Russian “motivations” apparently form a major part, and one which moreover concerns a matter which is or ought to be the subject of investigation by the police and not therefore the subject of this sort of comment, why was it published at all?

The short answer is in order to help Hillary Clinton win the US Presidential election.

To that end the statement fulfils two purposes: firstly, it discredits the content of any leaks that might otherwise damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign by lending credence to her claim that they are part of a Russian ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against her; and secondly, it lends credence to the claim popularised by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and by Hillary Clinton’s supporters in the media that Donald Trump is Putin’s candidate and that Putin is trying to help him win the election.”


FROM VIDEO LINK:  Published on Dec 14, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, I bet Obama and Hillary Clinton and all the other corrupt establishment elite are freaking the Hell out right now. They have been railing all week on the CIA’s “secret” report that Russia made Trump win the election. NOT…ANY…MORE!! Today the head of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), who oversees the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the other intelligence agencies, said he does NOT support the claims the CIA made about Russia.