List of countries overthrown by the CIA. Is America next?

It usually works like this: First, they cause instability in the society through the media and by causing a variety of problems that make people’s lives uncomfortable. This creates unrest, which creates groups that hate each other. Black vs white, this religion vs that religion, rich vs poor, militant vs peaceful, east vs west, liberals vs conservatives, and so on. Divide and conquer.

Then, at the inevitable protests to improve living conditions, they use the media and provocateurs to cause riots and violence, as well as giving weapons to all sides. This causes serious instability and sometimes civil war. This gives them an excuse to declare martial law, which then gives them an opportunity to install a government that is friendly to their own interests.

Here is a list of countries where this has happened:

  • Syria 1949
  • Iran 1953
  • Guatemala 1954
  • Tibet 1955–70s
  • Indonesia 1958
  • Cuba 1959
  • Iraq 1960–63
  • Dominican Republic 1961
  • South Vietnam 1963
  • Brazil 1964
  • Chile 1970–73
  • Afghanistan 1979–89
  • Turkey 1980
  • Poland 1980–89
  • Nicaragua 1981–90
  • Iraq 1992–96
  • Venezuela 2002
  • Iraq 2002–03
  • Iran 2005–present
  • Syria 2012–present

Now seeing what is happening with the Ferguson riots, and how much the flames of hatred have been stoked by the media, I have to wonder if they’re pulling the same thing here in the US.



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  • ray

    Pretty sure it’s a lot more than that recent n Africa for example

  • Matt

    im thinking you been overthrown long ago before you even woke up from your nightmare of loosing your rights and freedoms, good luck with that gonna be a bitch thinking you will ever get what you think you had

  • Jim

    November 22, 1963?

    • Synick46

      JFK’s assassination.

      • Jim

        Why isn’t that on the list? Does anyone really believe Oswald wasn’t just a CIA stooge and convenient patsy?

  • Scotoz

    The land of the free and the home of the brave now seems like a hollow and yet ironic insult when used in the context of the foundation of the USA when it fought and spilled blood for so many patriots and the despotic rule of England. Many have seen the writing on the wall for so many years that it was the implementation of a police state by stealth and inaction as well as those who were deprecating against those who saw what was coming their way and indeed it would be easy to say no one saw it coming and yet from 1913 when the FED was introduced it was guaranteed. Time for another revolution as it seems the only hope. Dont rely on the MSM or your politicians who are either being blackmailed or bribed as are the judiciary.

  • suezz

    Have to agree with Jim below. We were already overthrown on Nov. 22, 1963.
    Our country is a joke. We are controlled by oligarchs. Whoever can pay the most dollars gets their guy in office.

  • sleat

    Don’t forget Australia, 1975. Gough Whitlam sacked by Sir John “our man in Australia” Kerr. Too progressive, too independent; had to go…

  • jhnjul

    You forgot Ukraine-present.

  • subhuti 2

    Don’t forget California when Enron and the energy companies conspired to cut off electricity and gas, drive prices up 10 X, and then blamed it on the Governor, Grey Davis. He wanted to sue, so the energy companies funded Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign. He became governor and called off the lawsuit.

  • hu_wen

    Overthrown when they shot JFK