List of countries overthrown by the CIA. Is America next?

It usually works like this: First, they cause instability in the society through the media and by causing a variety of problems that make people’s lives uncomfortable. This creates unrest, which creates groups that hate each other. Black vs white, this religion vs that religion, rich vs poor, militant vs peaceful, east vs west, liberals vs conservatives, and so on. Divide and conquer.

Then, at the inevitable protests to improve living conditions, they use the media and provocateurs to cause riots and violence, as well as giving weapons to all sides. This causes serious instability and sometimes civil war. This gives them an excuse to declare martial law, which then gives them an opportunity to install a government that is friendly to their own interests.

Here is a list of countries where this has happened:

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  • Syria 1949
  • Iran 1953
  • Guatemala 1954
  • Tibet 1955–70s
  • Indonesia 1958
  • Cuba 1959
  • Iraq 1960–63
  • Dominican Republic 1961
  • South Vietnam 1963
  • Brazil 1964
  • Chile 1970–73
  • Afghanistan 1979–89
  • Turkey 1980
  • Poland 1980–89
  • Nicaragua 1981–90
  • Iraq 1992–96
  • Venezuela 2002
  • Iraq 2002–03
  • Iran 2005–present
  • Syria 2012–present

Now seeing what is happening with the Ferguson riots, and how much the flames of hatred have been stoked by the media, I have to wonder if they’re pulling the same thing here in the US.



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