Listen closely: Weiss final warning to all investors: “Get all or most of your money out of danger immediately… stay safe!” Prepare for the coming bank collapse.

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.  — Worst-case scenario’s closing fast: Occupy Wall Street growing. But no political power or allies yet. Feared yes, attacked by GOP proxy tea party. Soon the Occupation will explode into a new American Revolution.

When? A string of European bank collapses is dead ahead. And like the Arab Spring, they will trigger an economic disaster for American banks.

Yes, coming soon says Martin Weiss in his “7 Major Advance Warnings,” which is “bound to have a life-changing impact on nearly all investors in the U.S. and around the globe.” His new Weiss Ratings warnings are the “most important” in a 40-year career. The stress on Wall Street banks will force them back to Congress for more bailouts.

Warning eight: No new bailouts. That will push the economy into a deep recession.

Then what? New Glass-Steagall? Not enough. Tax the rich? Not enough. Perp walks? Not enough. Presidential commission? Useless promises. Occupy Wall Street will fail without a fundamental constitutional change. No compromise. Or Wall Street wins, again. We go back to the same free market, deregulated, too-greedy to-fail, conservative Reaganomics policies that have been destroying democracy for a generation.

All this was so obvious, so predictable. America is at a crossroads. Occupy Wall Street buildup has emerged as America’s last great hope to restore democracy. Last week when USA Today called the Occupiers a “ragtag assortment of college kids, labor unionists, conspiracy theorists and others” hinting they’re a flash-in-the-pan “devoid of remedies,” I smiled, reminded of that famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas 1776, leading what historians also called a “ragtag” Continental Army, surprising the British, and winning the Battle of Trenton.

America’s collective conscience wants true democracy restored

Yes, USA Today sees a “ragtag” army: No mission, no goals, no organization, no agenda, no leaders, and no staying power. Wrong. Look deeper: The Occupiers are the voice of America’s collective conscience demanding a return to our 1776 roots, to a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Our collective inner voice knows America’s moral compass is broken. We’ve become a government “of, by and for” special interests, the wealthiest 1%, Wall Street insiders, CEOs and Forbes-400 billionaires. It happened fast: In one generation the Super Rich grabbed “absolute power,” killing the middle class American dream.

Wall Street banks are already dismissing the Occupiers … planning bigger bonuses this year… lifting limits on their license to gamble Main Street deposits in the $600 trillion global derivatives casino … they already spend hundreds of millions lobbying every year … they’re convinced they can defeat the Occupiers with campaign donations in the back rooms of Congress … writing off the fight as another business expense … ultimately expecting the Occupiers will vanish into the cold winter months.

One citizen. One dollar. One vote. Anything less is failure

Warning: Don’t be fooled. Occupy Wall Street knows exactly want it wants. The tea party, GOP’s proxy, isn’t fooled. They feel threatened, counter-attacking, worried their role will be lost in the 2012 elections, fearful they’ll lose sway over Republicans, so they’ve got a smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street. Won’t work:

Amid all the noise surrounding Occupy Wall Street we hear their “one simple demand.” Missed by most outsiders, that demand echoes down through American history, first heard in 1776 in the Declaration of Independence. Earlier the Occupiers voiced their one simple demand:

“We demand that integrity be restored to our elections. One citizen. One dollar. One vote. Only citizens should make campaign contributions. Campaign contributions by citizens should not exceed $1 to any political candidate or party. Help us reclaim democracy.”

Yes, one simple demand: “Stop the monied corruption at the heart of our democracy.” That one simple demand echoed over and over. And no compromise when dealing with so fundamental a principle of democracy. Compromises the last generation surrendered America to Wall Street and the Super Rich. Compromise this principle again, and we all lose, destroy America. No compromise. Period.

Phase 2: EU bank collapse gives Occupiers new political power

The Occupiers Revolution enters a new phase soon: First Arab Spring rippled into American Fall. Next, EU bank collapses will ripple through Wall Street. For a long time we’ve been warning the 2008 meltdown never ran its course, foiled by mega-bailouts … bankers never shared the sacrifice … fought all reforms … are back to business-as-usual … learned no lessons … now even more delusional, expecting bigger bonuses … trapped in denial for three years … cannot see what’s ahead … a perfect setup for a bigger crash.

That’s why my eye locked on Martin Weiss’ “7 Major Advance Warnings.” Weiss has been a champion of the little guy for 40 years, author of “The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession and Depression.” Weiss Ratings of domestic and foreign debt markets downgraded U.S. debt before the S&P.

Both of us were warning well in advance of the 2008 crash. It was so predictable: Weiss warned of “failure of Bear Stearns Lehman, Washington Mutual, near-failure of Citigroup and the demise of Fannie Mae years before it collapsed.”

So listen closely to his “7 Major Advance Warnings,” which are “the most important in the 40-year history of my company.” Many will dismiss them, distracted by today’s campaign noise. Others will dismiss them as “over there,” problems for Europeans. Weiss warns: EU banks problems are “bound to have a life-changing impact on nearly all investors in the U.S. and around the globe.”

So listen and discount what Wall Street is selling you. Protect your portfolio. Here are edited highlights:

1. Greece will default very soon …

”Banks must bite the bullet and take some big hits in their Greek loans. … Whether banks accept this ‘solution’ voluntarily or not, it will mean Greece is in default.”

2. The contagion of fear will spread …

Global investors know “if one major Western government can default, so can others.” They will refuse to lend “to highly indebted governments” or “demand outrageously high yields.”

3. European megabanks will collapse …

Some of the “largest banks will collapse under the weight of defaulting sovereign debts and … mass withdrawals … Spain … French banks” … the impact will ripple across “J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup … All three are in danger.”

4. EU governments suffer new credit rating downgrades …

”France and Germany, will scramble to rescue their failing banks.” But “bank bailouts are seriously flawed” as “governments gut their own fiscal balance … suffer big downgrades,” or pay “far higher interest rates.”

5. Spain and Italy next to face default on their massive debts …

With “$3.4 trillion in debt, or about 10 times more than Greece” they too risk default.

6. Global debt markets will suffer a critical meltdown …

Anticipating “default by a country as large as Spain or Italy, nearly all debt markets in the world will freeze.” Withdrawals, panic “not only crush the borrowing power of the PIIGS” but threaten meltdowns in “France, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.”

7. Vicious cycle: sovereign defaults, bank failures, global depression …

Government defaults trigger more bank failures, “cut off the flow of credit to businesses and households, sink the global economy into a depression, and perpetuate the vicious cycle.”

Warning to investors: No bank bailouts, power to Occupation

History inevitably repeats itself: Arab Spring triggered Wall Street Fall. Next, the raging European monetary collapse will ripple through America’s banking system, completing the 2008 meltdown that never ended because Wall Street fought all reforms.

But now, a bigger meltdown as history repeats a dangerous cycle like the 1929 Crash and Great Depression.

History will also deal a fatal blow to Wall Street. Weiss adds a key warning: No bank bailouts. America’s banking system is bankrupt, structurally and morally. Washington is broken. And thanks to the Occupiers Revolution the masses will never accept new bank bailouts. Never. They’ll toss politicians and overthrow government first.

No new bailouts will be the stake in the heart of Wall Street, ending the “greed is good” power of America’s “bloodsucking vampire squid,” handing the Occupiers new political power in Washington.

Weiss’s worst-case scenario highlights everything we’ve both been warning investors about for a long time. The 2008 meltdown never ended, lessons never learned. But now the end game is accelerating.

Listen closely: Weiss final warning to all investors: “Get all or most of your money out of danger immediately … above all, stay safe!” Prepare for the coming bank collapse. And discover how this historic scenario will empower the Occupiers message to get money out of elections: “One citizen. One dollar. One vote.”

Compromise on that principle and Wall Street wins, again.



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  • mp

    Ok, so why do you have this at the top of your page?

    “We are at point where it is just annoying…there will be no crash and Europe will get bailed out until politicians are kicked out… until then, people will pay for the bailouts and the markets will not crash.”

  • real Phunny

    The only thing the OWS will get is more government regulation, more rules and more socialism. Wall Street and the bankers are using this to their advantage. Why? Because they are the ones that will benefit the most. The OWS are patsies! See Occupy Wall Street: Communism’s Clueless Foot Soldiers

  • Gerald

    Get a clue pal, real Americans want our democratic republic back!! Not democracy

  • Gerald

    Sorry for sounding bitchy, its just that what is going on now represents a realistic democracy, and if we want back what we had, we ought to understand it was not democracy back then, it was a functioning republic, albeit a democratic one. = jury is the only decider of fact and decreed law

  • BlindersOff

    One dollar one vote my ass. End the fiat dollar ponzi scheme now. The fiat dollar is paper with masonic shit on it. If it is not precious metals it is not money. Silver by definition of the word is money.
    VOTE? Get over the vote. Do you want the devil or his sister? No! Until we have honest Constitutional money they can print all the satanic fiat script they want. The game is rigged. Wake up. The hour is late.

    There. I feel better.

  • laura

    I’ve heard this same thing (by different experts then) in the 80’s when the economy tanked then. every one I knew (parents generation) who prepped back then, even got silver, food storage, are now in the cemetery. Now I’m as old as they were 30 years ago, and banks haven’t collapsed yet, bail outs keep going on. Experts say the U.S. is in a systems strategic default, not another recession. It appears now we are headed over the abyss.

  • Gonzo

    All of the recent elections have been rigged… Not seeing that is being blind. The United States is governed by the House of Rothschild’s mafia that owns the Federal Reserve and the European banks. They financed the 9-11 terrorist attacks that Israel’s Mossad and the CIA carried out. There is no peaceful solution because they will not relinquish their power grip. The only solution is violent revolution which is where things are going now… From the Occupy Wall Street the Second American Revolution is going to emerge. The whole system must come down now.

  • Nathan


    So you would say then that things are not worse now than they were in the 80’s?

  • nogros

    they will go down now for they now want a one money world with only fivehundred million people in it and none of you will be in it!

  • JB

    WE ARE NOT A FRICKIN DEMOCRACY, WE ARE A “REPUBLIC” THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE!THE WORD DEMOCRACY ISN’T IN THE CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, OR THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!! I’m tired of our so called leaders and others calling our a country a democracy, are they ignorant or stupid!!Also END THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and do away with our income tax on wages!!! GO RON PAUL, you make our forefathers proud!!!!

  • http://none Joe

    What planet were you born on? Hello! These occupy wall street people have no idea what they’re occupying against. It’s a different answer everytime. They are protesting against wall street when they should be protesting the fed and the white house where the problem really lies. They hate the rich as their signs say? Rich guy buys company. Company hires manager guy. Manager guy then hires all the regular people occupying wall street..what a bunch of idiots..protesting against what they claim they stand for. This is nothing more than a 60’s excuse to party and rebel against..who knows! They don’t even know and they tell you that in their answers. They DO want a one world government and to be taken care of…pathetic

  • alien

    You blame Reaganomics and the free market for the mess we are in? You are a buffoon. There has been no free market since the creation of the FED and IRS, implementation of unconstitutional income tax and the illegal removal of currency from the gold and silver standard. It is not deregulation that has brought us to the brink but over regulation and socialism, incrementally installed, by both Republican and Democrat administrations. We have the most heavily taxed and regulated economy in the world, which is why so many corporations have gone overseas taking jobs with them. End the FED, end the IRS, end income tax, end socialist regulation of business, let the real free market work and we might have a chance.

  • Tyson

    The problem with this ignorant commentary

    “One citizen. One dollar. One vote. Anything less is failure”

    is that we don not live in a democracy you blathering idiot. We live in a Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law. Democracies always elect dictators and tyrants. Democracy is mob rule, or better yet three wolves and a sheep deciding what they will eat for dinner. Or another example of a posse of twelve hanging a suspected horse theif without trial. A Republic is those same twleve men being stopped by a Sheriff until the suspect is brought to trial.

    Stop saying we are a democracy or you want a democracy because on day the mob may vote for you to be dinner!

  • tony N

    The Tea Party Versus the Occupy Wall Street gang and what the two stand for ………

    The Tea Party is for the People getting to Keep more of their hard earned money , and the OWS idiots are for the Government to keep more of the peoples money because they think Obama and the communists will give more to them , but how Has Obama and the democrats so far done with that ?? Its a BIG GAME , They have just gave it to their Loyalists just like the REPUBLICAN RINOS did when they were in Government control , and so the debate needs to be , ” Why can’t we the people find a Leader in our Government that can not just create a tax code that keeps the cash from loops holes recirculating around and around to the same corporations, lobbyists , and loyalists that they then use to demonize for legislative and election purposes , but the game never changes ?

  • Roger That

    People don’t even pay attention to politics until 2 weeks before an election, then they vote for the one with the best smile, best hair….

    Ever wonder why television is so dumbed down??

  • Retro

    Put down the crack pipe, Paul. What a crock of shit this entire article is. One moronic lie after another. Go back to playing D&D as it’s painfully obvious you know nothing about what is happening across America (and the world.)


  • Steve Adams

    I thought Paul was confined to market watch. I’m not sure why people link to him his story is always the same – evil republicans and capitalists caused all these bad things and only more government can fix it.

    Big gov – feeds and supports crony capitalism (solyndra).

    Freedom from big gov is the basis behind 1776.

  • Concerned

    Mr. Farrell, after reading your reader’s comments, it is clear they are more informed than you. I would suggest that before you try and give advise that you take the time to learn the truth and stop trying to advance the establishment BS. The tea-party wants to restore our Republic and the ows people only want to see it collapse.

  • bob

    Weiss- Jumped on the OWS band wagon and lost all credibility.