LIVE UPDATES: Egypt Unraveling As Mass Protests Against Muslim Brotherhood Continue,’Friday of Deliverance’.. Fire At Morsi Palace! Germany issues travel warning for all cities of Egypt!!

Thousands of opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi are staging new protests, after the deadliest week of violence since he came to power.

More than 60 people have been killed in the unrest.

On Thursday, leaders of some of the main political factions condemned the violence. But youth groups later called for more street demonstrations.

The protesters are marching on the presidential palace in Cairo and rallying in the city of Port Said.

A number of protesters are reportedly injured by rubber bullets at Cairo’s Simon Bolivar Square – Al Araybia

Germany issues travel warning for all cities of Egypt

Police fire shots, trucks move in… Picture

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Video of part of the Presidential Palace being set on fire by fireworks and moltav cocktails.

In Egypt: ‘Presidential Palace Protest Grows Tense’

Explosive video shows riot police beating & dragging naked man near presidential palace 



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