LOCK HER UP! SHE IS OWNED BY THE ELITE! Hillary Clinton Deleted Email Grovels To The Rothchilds, Sold Favors To Make Her Millions, Threaten Military Responses” Against Russia and China for Exposing her Crimes…

Hillary Clinton deleted email grovels to the Rothchilds, “Let me know what penance I owe you”. PROOF HILLARY IS OWNED BY THE ELITE!!!



Jill Stein I disagree with everything you campaign for but at least you’re not cucked…Jill Stein Twitter: “Is media merging with the Clinton machine? Matt Lauer, selected to moderate “Commander-In-Chief” forum, has ties to the #ClintonFoundation.”

The media is the Clinton machine

Larry King caught on open mic to Bill Clinton: Ted Turner “would serve you”

1996 Telecommunications Act this allowed all news outlets to merge


Journalist banned by HuffPo for article about #HillarysHealth has Twitter account deleted/suspended

Last few tweets before he passed

Google cached.

He uploaded a video of a mysterious helicopter that was circling his apartment complex.


Crystal Wright on Twitter: ”Finally, Trump giving US citizens killed by illegal aliens a voice. While Hillary wants to protect criminal aliens.”

MEDIA SILENT: Hillary Clinton Proposes “serious political, economic and military responses” Against Russia and China for Exposing her Crimes



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