LOL of The Day: Caterpillar: The World Is Accelerating BUT “We Expect The First Half of 2013 Will Be Weaker Than The First Half of 2012 … 2013 Could Be A Tough Year.”

More on Caterpillar (CAT) Q4 earnings: Backing out an $0.87 goodwill writedown, the company earned $1.91, beating by $0.19. Q4 revenue of $16.075B, -6.8% Y/Y. “We expect the first half of 2013 will be weaker than the first half of 2012 … 2013 could be a tough year.” 2013 EPS guidance of $7-$9 on revenue of $60B-$68B. That’s wide enough to drive a CAT through, but probably better than consensus. Shares +0.4%premarket. (PR)

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Industrial machinery behemoth Caterpillar announced its Q4 2012 financial results this morning.


And in its announcement were some macro economic observations.

“Overall, we expect the world economy will begin the year with weak growth and improve as 2013 unfolds,” they wrote. “We anticipate overall world economic growth of at least 2.5 percent—a small improvement from our estimate of 2.3 percent for 2012.”

They attribute some of this acceleration to global low interest rate policy by the world’s central banks.

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