Look Who Just Blamed Obama For The Failure of Democrats

Look Who Just Blamed Obama For The Failure of Democrats


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  • Daffy Duck

    I haven’t watched the video no need to. Blame Obama for the failures of the Democratic Party, how about we blame no one and start to look at ourselves, our, is my check in the mail, damn the kids over there, mentality. Our Military, is owned by thieves and murderer’s, we are so dependent on social welfare, long ago communism won the war of the worlds. Here then is the cure for the World’s problems: A New World Order. As long as we fight the New World Order concept there will be wars and rumors of war, starvation and people dying of thirst on a planet mostly made of water and, a no hope scenario for the future our children will have to live. Just read that two thirds of the wild life on Earth will be gone 2020, hm, two and a half years from now! Okay, the greed of the individuals, not the greed of the Rich is what has brought us near to destruction, so, what do we do now?
    For my part I intend the complete destruction of modern religions and the designing of a Earth first religious concept to replace all the ‘supernatural’ – live forever, bs, that has us daily trying to kill off everyone else. Sitchin, gave us the model, it is up to us to develop it.

    • Jeff Jackson

      Sounds like you should move to China, those are true communistic words my friend, and take Sitchin with you and I will pray for you both!

      • Daffy Duck

        What are you going to pray to ‘your (my), god’? We will never know hope again, you and I, because, we are the problem.

        • Jeff Jackson

          Fact is, I do pray to God, but the truth of the matter is the fall of man back in the Garden of Eden, so the rest, as they say, is history. Satan is roaming the Earth like a Lion looking for those he can devour! If you are not living under the Grace of God, then Satan already has you!

  • KYS Twice

    The Dems don’t represent Americans as a whole, they represent the “grievance groups.” No room for good sense or achievers—especially if they happen to be Caucasian.

  • collette.robert@yahoo.com

    Obama was just another CIA puppet so the CIA is responsible for the failure of the Democratic Party.