Looters Will Die First If SHTF!

In this video I offer my opinion on how I believe that looters and marauders or briggons will will be the first to die when SHTF. There is a popular opinion that looters and criminal will win the day if SHTF happens. I seriously doubt it and give the reason why I think they will be the first to die.


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  • pliedian

    It all depends on who one tries to loot. If your target is any one of the 90% +brain dead Americans then you won’t have anything to worry about. In my community there is nothing but endless tv, Jesus and beer types that don’t have a clue. They all think because they own a gun they can take on the world. They have not the faintest idea of the reality of the way things would be. The pickings will be quite easy for anyone with an IQ higher than a monkey.