Lord Monckton Declares ‘End Of Global Warming’–Proves Mathematical Mistake

What you are about to see in the video below is absolute bombshell information that no one has yet to hear! It will literally rattle the cages of globalists everywhere; many of whom will be put to shame by their own lies and corruption… which are about to slap them dead in the face…


Here’s the link that goes with the report: (coming in morning)
Lord (Viscount) Monckton Foundation: http://www.lordmoncktonfoundation.com/
Get The Tea: https://getthetea.com/
Need Food Storage: http://foodforliberty.com/haven/?affi…
Prodovite: http://havenshealth.com


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  • Darwin’s Monkey

    MSM yet to comment on what is apparently a mathematical correction to the feedback mechanism, which has been verified by various peers. If this is correct there will be a million bedwetters crying themselves to sleep now that their cult has been desecrated.

  • amylewis

    It was an obvious scam from the very start. Lord Monckton can expect to be viciously attacked by the Leftist political attack poodles for this.

  • Johnny Jones

    Al Gorbal warming