Lots Happening All At Once – US To Default Debt Ceiling Limit Comes Early, China’s Default Fear Is Spreading, A ‘Tsunami’ Of Store Closings Expected To Hit Retail

Before they were saying that we had till early March to come to a budget agreement. Now the reports are saying February 7th, 2014 due to more spending than expected!!!!

Are we on the verge of another shutdown?

Is America going to be downgraded again?

Default on the horizon?


Saw this on the news tonight.

Treasury Secretary Sends Warning on Debt Limit
JAN. 22, 2014


This is only a matter of days.

Then there is this:

Administration fears part of health care system so flawed it could bankrupt insurance companies
January 22, 2014

A ‘tsunami’ of store closings expected to hit retail
22 Jan 2014

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Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31 – Forbes


Is China’s Default Fear Spreading?
Jan 22, 2014


Lots happening all at once.


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