Top general of Delta force speaks on the planned economic collapse and martial law

Lt. General W.G. Boykin (ret.) warns about the Marxist insurgency in the US government:

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s shockingly prophetic warning from 29 years ago, describing what’s happening in America today almost to the letter (A MUST WATCH):

DHS INSIDER: “There won’t be any meaningful deal about the fiscal crisis. This is planned … The coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar is a done deal.”

Obama key campaign contributor George Soros:
“China will be the NEW world reserve currency”

Obama speaking OPENLY about the need for creating a “Civilian National Security Force” rivaling the military (which he obviously couldn’t trust):

Obama arming DHS to the teeth: 450 Million rounds of hollow-point bullets and another 175 million .223 caliber rifle ammo massive ammunition purchase:

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?


The clock is ticking… (just hit $16.5 Trillion in fact):

BREAKING INTEL: Obama’s Cyber Warriors Prepping for Economic Collapse

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

The following information was provided by a DHS contact on two different occasions.

Top level DHS brass, is clamping down on leaks. One way they are finding leakers is to put out false information specific to certain individuals. They can trace the information directly to the leaker due to the nature and specificity of the information.

Two days after the inauguration, at exactly 7:00 a.m. on January 23, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated. I heard about this the week after the election, but only saw a hardcopy draft in late December. From what I was told, I believe this is a project that is being paid for through funds from Obama’s political corporation, the 501(c)4 Organizing for Obama.

The economic devastation that will take place is an attack, a planned attack on the U.S. Just look at it that way. This “regime” already knows the outcome, which is the debasement of our national currency. Like I said, it’s been in the works most recently since the 1990s. A collapse does not happen without a lot of pain – people losing everything in their retirement accounts, savings and so on. Don’t you think that will cause one hell of a national security problem? And who is running our national or domestic security? DHS.




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  • Bill

    Let these commies believe in the white house, the DOJ, the DHS, etc. they will win a war against the american people, in the end they will all wind up as collateral damage for what they done, the new America wont be what they think , because they wont be alive to see it. Yea, I believe they will start a civil war with many American conservatives being brutally murdered , but in the end God will step in to rid the U.S. of these same people doing damage to the U.S.. You see its quite simple, God will use rags such as the left wing extremist democratic party to punish the American people for their sins, but God will use the patriots that are left to get rid of the murderers, that’s how simple it is. May God help you evil bastards.

    • m_astera


      I’m no fan of commies, and I like right wing idiots not a smidgen more. Anyone as ducking stupid as you I wouldn’t trust for a second and would at best use for cannon fodder. The American Conservatives? What horseshit.

      Here’s a clue: if you listen to right wing radio, it tells me you are too stupid to trust. Period. Dead meat, and good riddance. You can take that anyway you like, but stupid gets what stupid gets.

      • Ten Megaton

        How do I say this? Fuck you.


          Its hard to say that while eating horseshit, stupid.


        Gee, you know how to spell stupid, stupid. My goal is to make you eat horseshit or turn you into
        dead meat.

  • Mark Brander

    Read the Obama antichrist prophecies, several people have been given identical warnings about who he is. It should be obvious to most, but strangely enough it is not.
    Prophecies Org

    • truth

      your looking in the wrong place hes just a front monkey look behind him

      • Thomas Jefferson

        TRUTH,its the people who brought obama to power who don’t know what they’ve done,they will realize who he is soon,but it will already be to late for them ,he’s in full power now and they can’t stop him and neither can anyone else,for 2300 days the world will suffer now,and america will be destroyed as a result of their inability to read ,good luck in the up coming war,it going to be a bloodbath and only those ready and prepared will survive whats coming…..

        • joshsn

          Answer me this. What if America is not destroyed?

          Will you come back to everyone you’ve ever told this to and apologize for startling them for nothing?

          I mean, Obama is a pretty mediocre President, awful in some ways, decent in others, but I feel it is weird misinformation, like yours, that actually hurts America.

          No offense!

          • Cg Chase

            This misinformation is being spread on purpose. How else will you incite the masses against each other, right, by setting up policy that separate.

      • Cg Chase

        Thank you, most people don’t even get that this no name president was placed in the White House for this very reason. I’m black and I never thought he would get elected much less reelected. After 20years in the military with a top sec security clearance I’m still trying to figure out 911. Who turned off the The Eastern Air Defense Sector and the pentagon’s scuds, after all they’ve been training for a terrorist attack by air for at least two decades. No sir, if you’re fooled into thinking Obama is the mastermind behind the takeover then you are indeed fools. Keep falling for the bait and switch, most of the policies that were initiated to subvert your freedoms started with the other puppet GDubya and has continued through this administration. Now that sounds like some bi-partisan cooperation to me. Keep looking at the ball and this shell game of there’s that has divided America in order to initiate conflict will be the very thing that takes your freedoms.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      MARK I won a ton of beer on this during the rigged elections,DANIEL 8:11/8:12 says it all,all you have to know is who obama realy is then it all falls into place………..

      • Cg Chase

        yeah they’ve been proclaiming anti-Christ for generations but still forget one thing, and that’s the anti-Christ will be a savior to all not just 50% of the American population or 50% of the world. Obama hasn’t really fooled anyone but his sponsors knew that most black people would vote for the FIRST president of their race, just as all races have done in the past and will do in the future. Obama’s entire rise was spawned on the internet by his sponsors and his star quality reached the youth of America and touched their hearts, not ours. Those who wanted Obama to be president at this time ensured that he was and spent over a billion dollars to make it happen, his opponent Mitt Romney was sponsored an additional billion. For what? So a corporate controlled media, that’s right, there is no liberal media other than free. Giant corporations control the media and all of you know it, liberal is not the name on the company checks. Here we are fighting a war with each other through the corporate controlled media sponsored venues over an issue of equality that they control. Even more asinine is the fact that we take sides that are ridiculous, like corporations have to make a profit, yeah, so we can get a raise. Face it corporations control our lively hood because they drove out the independents and we all work for them. So yes corporations are people, they hired over half of America including 10 million government contractors, over 2 million are in corporate contract security forces. Look at history elections have been rigged from the start, hell your vote, their vote or anybody Else’s doesn’t even count and constitutionally never has. Even your own legislators are being led by the nose, their contracted automated voting service belongs to the corporations and are calibrated by the corporations. It’s the corporations software that decides who is going to be president, any oversight would be an infringement of their copyrights. We don’t choose our governor, mayor, congressman, senator the software does, at whose command other than corporate. need I go on. It’s all real you all know it, but you’re so desperate to regain your past excesses that you blame each other for a computer generated government where your vote is tallied by corporate controlled software. Are we feeling dumb yet, I sure am. As if our vote really meant anything other than to control our emotions and pacify us. The electoral college is a sad joke played on us. In all states, except Maine and Nebraska electors are elected on a “winner-take-all” basis from the corporate computer tabulated votes. The greatest trick the devil ever did was to convince you that he was not real. So when all the big corporations begin to move their headquarters to other countries the paradigm is about to shift. Reality is an illusion folks wake up.

    • Kim Vz

      obama antiChrist. Shows that people will believe anything… obama is NOT the antiChrist! People need to get a grip! He is just a soulless POS puppet controlled by the Rothschild British Empire.

    • Cg Chase

      I doubt the plan will be finished before his term ends, and from the look of the worlds economy I see a bigger picture with people above his pay grade. Money rules this entire world and these dumb conspiracy theorist only have the conspiracies that were handed to them not the real agenda.

  • Greg Burton

    Stop and think: could all the stories we’ve been reading: contrived economic disaster, environmental disasters, the defective consumers products, 9/11, the drug fueled mass shootings being used to justify greater police state laws, fracking, the Gulf oil spill, Fukushima, contaminated vaccines and poisoned foods, drugs that don’t work, untested and are actually dangerous, using DU for crockery, genetically toxic GMO foods, modified wheat that is addictive, fructose that causes obesity, ignored cheap alternative fuels, marginalized cures for cancer, recreating the Spanish flu…I could probably come up with an extensive list…are these unconnected, accidental, mere incompetence, or is it even worse: deliberate acts meant to create depopulation and sow chaos, laying the foundation for a totalitarian New World Order?

    • joshsn

      I think Obama personally started the earthquake that led to the tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant. Do YOU know where he was that day? IF NOT, WHY NOT?

      It is up to Obama to prove that he isn’t behind it. Just ask anyone.

  • TorchnPitchforks

    We are already a Marxist Police State: Why do you think that they are trying to disarm the American People? Have you been at an airport lately?
    It’s time to wipe Washington DC from the face of the earth. There is no bigger enemy of the American People than the federal government.
    We need Governors with the testicular fortitude to arrest and summarily execute ALL federal agents and employees invading their sovereign states.

    • William Wiley Bolton

      I have a lot of friends that are Federal Agents! The Democrats fired me after 11 years of service to both types of administrations. A lot of my friends will be fired also, before the Obama hits the fan. I have asked many of my friends why no one seems to have the balls to arrest this felon and his attorney general for violation of oath of office, and I get the run around and everyone says the higher ups are afraid to upset the minorities. Apparently felony is no longer considered grounds for arrest. There is a lot of talk about taking back America, so find the politicians with the balls to issue warrants and to deputize me and I will arrest the criminals from the top down to the DHS infiltrators that are muslim brotherhood, our enemies. By the way, isn’t it a felony to provide weapons to drug gangs and terrorist groups? Obama has done both of these felonies.

      • joshsn

        I gather you didn’t spend hours watching the testimony, before Congress, of everyone involved in the Fast & Furious program. I did. My takeaway was that once it was discovered that some of the guns had walked, the Special Field Agent in charge of the operation, operating out of Arizona, tried to cover his own butt, because it was his operation. His manager, who seemed a bit old, and past the day when he should be monitoring free-wheeling agents, seemed oblivious to what was going on. Trying to pin the bad work of one agent in charge of one operation on President Obama is really beyond reason.

        Of course, you are the one who thinks every single Federal agent is afraid to ‘upset the minorities” so you probably have bigger problems.

        Best of luck!

        • sirwiley

          Do you really think you get the straight talk before Congress. You might as well watch any soap opera. Everything is scripted these days. During Iran Contra they hustled several people out and confiscated all tape when testimony implicated politicians. None of it is live anymore. They have it set up for edit.

          • JoshSN

            To the best of my knowledge, C-SPAN’s cameras have only been cut once when the House or Senate was in session, and that was only after someone collapsed.

            I agree it is in good taste to cut away, instead of showing someone writhing on the floor, or perhaps vomiting.

      • SUSANM621


        • Cg Chase

          Don’t fall for the fake war and don’t assume blacks and Hispanics will be on the side of Obama, we won’t. We will be on the side of America.

      • Cg Chase

        Yeah, blame Obama for a plan that probably started in the 90s, meanwhile the real culprits that have their hands up this puppets arse will continue to advance their agenda. Iv’e always wondered why the Democrats backed Obama a small time legislator from Chicago, now I know. Don’t think both parties aren’t involved or it couldn’t happen without them, it’s called the bait and switch. Create fake animosity and then institute controls to quell it.

  • harold

    If you can read, listen or comprehend what is going on you should know. The government is coming after the people everything about the people even what you eat. It doesn’t matter whether you are a GOP or DEM you better wake up, I know both and tolerate both some of them are even good shots.But it is coming folks take your frustrations out against them not each other. Just watch Obama he is getting bolder and he will even start to get worse so if you wait to long it will be to late.