MACRON LOST BY AT LEAST 4 MILLION VOTES – European Union Stole Election. No Future Elections Anywhere Can Be Legitimate Again.

Here is the math:

33 million votes cast (and counted). 16 million votes cast (and nullified due to damaged ballots, and claimed “forfeited protest votes”.)

Votes cast to Macron: 22 million. Votes invalidated by damaged ballots (100 percent of these were LePen:) 15 million. Votes for LePen that were not invalidated by damaged ballots: 11 million. Probable actual protest votes, no more than 1 million LePen: 11 million plus 15 million is 26 million.


LePen: 26 million.
Macron: 22 million.
Protest: 1 million.

But it is a lot worse than that, because there were extra ballots printed for Macron, that went poof into nowhere. So obviously they got stuffed. Macron DEFINITELY, beyond a doubt, did not get 22 million votes.

Macron is openly and publicly stated even by the MSM to be the Rothchild big banker choice. Macron hates France, and did not even honor the national anthem after “winning”. It is flatly impossible for him to have been elected. In French elections, any damaged ballot is automatically thrown out as “spoiled”. So to steal a French election all you have to do is tear up most of one candidate’s ballots before mailing them out. They will then be rejected when counted. This is precisely what happened to LePen. The torn ballots by the millions, which are a confirmed fact, prove the French election was stolen.

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“Aux Barricades!” – 1789 popular meme.

1. First of all, they printed up 500,000 extra Macron ballots. This was discussed before the election but then slipped under the radar.
2. They then destroyed a vast majority of LePen ballots.
3. They then forged an extra 500,000 ballots for Macron, that no one cast, but they ended up in the final count
4. To cover for the huge number of people who could not vote (or have their vote counted with destroyed ballots) The scamming Jewish press then said “record low numbers of people turned out for this election, which was not expected!!


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3 Responses

  1. Nexusfast123 says:

    They are getting very desperate to maintain their failed globalist nonsense. The French need a new republic. Those historically can be quite bloody affairs.

  2. Uncle Hormone says:

    The French won’t stand for this,…& neither will the Foreign Legionnaires nor the French Defence Forces!
    An immediate recount is needed, and Marina LePen needs to get her court papers filed ASAP to effect such a recount.

  3. Philippe Nachtergal says:

    This is stupid. It shows a total misunderstanding of the physical process of voting un France.
    The parties are the ones that have to print and provide the ballots for their candidate.
    If they print too many, it is just a (relatively small) loss of money.
    If they don’t print enough, you pay for your stupidity. (Or, as it happened in one district for the legislative : it was intended that way because the FN removed their support to one of their own candidates and refused to print the ballots for that candidate)
    If you mail damaged ballots they are rejected.

    As for why there are so many abstentions and white votes that is because some of the candidates that lost in the first round implied both candidates were equally bad.

    As for the national anthem, that is utter bs and anyway, only nationalists (FN voters) really care about the symbol of the hymn. Everyone else knows it is not what is important. And anyway, it is wrong : the anthem WAS played, I saw it personally. He played the European anthem first because he doesn’t hide : like most of his voters, Macron is pro Europe. And by pro Europe I mean in favor of a European union with supra-national powers. You seem to be under the delusion that everyone should be nationalist, that everyone should be horrified that an international body could, under well defined circumstances, impose things to its member states. The truth is that a (small) majority of French people are pro EU.

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