Maine GOP Governor To Make ‘Able-Bodied’ Welfare Recipients Work for Their Food Stamps…

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The LePage administration is taking another step toward pushing welfare recipients to find jobs. The Department of Health and Human Services announced on Wednesday that, starting October first, “able bodied” adults with no dependents who get SNAP benefits — often called food stamps — will have to work 20 hours per week or do volunteer work. There are an estimated 12,000 recipients in Maine who meet that standard.


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  • Ike

    Well Well Well now they can guaranty them a living wage at $20.00 per hour, that is $400 per week or $1600 per month but hell no you’ll give them $80 for their labor. Maine is out of their mind. These people are already down and now they want to make plantation slaves out of them. Your full of it Maine! May all you government shills who suck off of us, may you become those who go into tent cities and become destitute yourself. You are a blot on this nation. I suppose you will supply their gas and food while you enslave them. Piss on you! Where are the f’n jobs you morons. You try to work for pennies and see how you do?

  • Dead Broke

    But Janet Yellen has said the job market is improving. Plenty of jobs to go around just ask anyone in the Obama administration.