Man Calls Cop B*tch Executed Immediately – Shocking Video

Santa Ana Police Officer Shoot Kill Unarmed Homeless man for calling her a ‘bitch’

As a formerly homeless man myself in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA,
I know FULL WELL what it’s like to be ‘targeted’, framed, harassed
by Liberal trash, so-called ‘Truthers’, random Starbucks employees
and under-cover San Diego Police officers:

– Just because you can’t afford a place to live in the worst
economic conditions in modern times.

But being an ‘undesirable’ doesn’t warrant an automatic death
sentence for calling a pig a bitch (obviously she’s far worse –
A Murderer, a fuckin slimy cunt)


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  • FabFred

    Well, she’s gonna get some “paid vacation” until this blows over and something else happens to distract.
    As for calling her a “bitch.” That angers me too because every female dog I know would be insulted to be compared to a slime-bag, useless cop!

  • William Hinkle

    Only one way to dispose of criminal cops. The government must feat the people and not the other way around. Remember jewish invented, financed and controlled ‘bolshevik Russia’.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    I hope somebody plunges the ugly face of the bloody bitch in vitriol.

  • YT

    Well done officer! One less no-account scumbag criminal to ruin our society.

  • Jon Weiss

    What the man said was irrelevant, she shot an unarmed person, there is no excuse for her actions.