Man Lies Dying in Door while passers by do Nothing

What is the world coming to? The man starts walking out of the convenience store and gets shot down. As people come and go, no one even calls the police or even drags him from the door . They just allow the swinging door keep hitting him. Not even the Store clerk calls the police. This has to be the most outrageous thing iv’e seen this year! Well, we’ve only come two days into it. I’m sure there’s more!


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  • fatwillie

    My heart and prayers go out to this mother, and the entire family and the friends or this young man. It isn’t bad enough that the tragedy happened, but to have to see or know what happened afterwards is beyond comprehension . The clerk is the worst of the group, but not much worse then the rest. How dare they call themselves human and act like this. Each and everyone of them has no soul, and because of that, they have no compassion. This makes me sick, and its things like this that make me wish the Lord would end all of this tomorrow, and makes me feel like not being part of the human race, if this is what its coming too.

  • anon

    because people are assholes, they don’t practice their religion or lack thereof, they practice being an asshole.

  • Gordon Klock

    Incredible, people being so heartless & stupid.Maybe they are afraid of the cops showing up, & causing more harm? Either way, that clerk has some serious explaining to do.

  • Greg Burton

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. This country, the USA, has been so beaten down, ripped off, impoverished, enslaved in a police state created by the 9/11 lie, irradiated by Fukushima that when the hammer falls, millions will die homeless, hungry, sick and uncared for, bodies lying unattended and uncared for on the street. A deliberate monstrous crime carried out by the Satanic global oligarchy who has used false-flag terror to line their pockets and create a global gulag within which they protect themselves from repudiation.