Man Outright Screams the Truth about the US Debt System

I think this guy just had enough of the bullshit and everyone dancing around the real problem in this country. The Banking System. I think Trump should invite this guy to the white house and do some brain storming.


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  • Jason Calley

    Great rant. End the Fed. Pass laws that corporations are NOT people. Jail politicians who receive money from corporations or foreign sources. Return our elections to paper and pen, ballots placed in clear boxes in plain view and counted in plain view before they are allowed to leave the polling place. Prison time for political crimes. Enforce immigration laws. End Federal funding or regulation of public education.

  • duffer

    sounds like a plan to get a bullet between the eyes…what president in their right mind would table that??

    • Jason Calley

      Hey duffer! Of course you are right… but that is kind of the point. We, as a nation, have gone waaaay past the rule of law. The Constitution is effectively a dead letter and we have accepted as a substitute, rule by a criminal gang. All of the things which we need to do to return to the rule of law are EXACTLY the things which the gangsters do not want to allow. Our nation is on a knife edge. We will fall deeper into lawlessness or we will somehow pull ourselves out — but either way, there are going to be rivers of tears and probably some blood in the streets. I suspect that you understand that as well as I do. “Please place your tray tables in an upright, locked position. It is going to be a bumpy ride.”

    • richardwicks

      Any president with a pair of balls might. Incredibly, we may have that in 7 days. He’s certainly nothing like the pathetic wimp yes man meat puppets that we’ve had for at least 24 years.

  • zzzak666

    Sounds like what Hitler did in the 30’s, create an interest free currency independent of the Jew banks and enjoy a new prosperity.

    • Jason Calley

      Hey zzzak666! Hitlers financial program was actually even a bit better than that. The government did, in fact, create a quasi-fiat currency without interest. The interesting part is that even though they did not have gold or silver to back the currency, they backed it with the one thing they had in surplus, the labor of previously unemployed people. The government created (not borrowed from a central bank) currency that was backed by labor. In other words the newly created currency was used to pay for PRODUCTIVE work. Not simple welfare, not just given away to whomever qualified. The money was used to pay workers who built roads, made parks, dug canals, built airports. The idea was that the money injected into the system did not just slosh around and create inflation. Instead, the new money funded the creation of projects that allowed business to be more productive, allowed commerce to be more efficient, allowed the German people to live better lives.

      If given a choice I would prefer a commodity backed monetary system (gold or silver), but if a nation is BROKE, then Hitler’s labor backed currency is a good second choice.

      (Do I really need to state the obvious that having a better financial system than borrowing money into existence does NOT in itself make the NAZIs good guys?)


    Hitler is much misunderstood and perhaps survived the war–if so, what was really going on? Control of currency is essential and we should not be paying a third party of private jewish bankers to produce our currency.