Man pulls a loaded gun and robs a bank wearing an OBAMA mask

A New Hempshire man has been arrested after robbing a bank while wearing a President Obama mask.

John Griffin Jr, 52, of Newport, is accused of robbing a Bank of America branch in the town of Merrimack at around 10.30am Wednesday.

Police say a man wearing a ‘full-face’ Obama mask, suit coat and tie demanded money from a teller and then took off on foot with an undetermined amount of cash.

Investigators were able to track down Griffin matching the robber’s description coming from behind a business in the area of Columbia circle.

Authorities say it was determined that the man had robbed the bank and was carrying a loaded semi-automatic pistol, even though he did not display the weapon during the heist, Merrimack Patch reported. Griffin was arrested without incident.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2418416/Hail-thief-Man-robs-bank-wearing-OBAMA-mask-suit-tie.html#ixzz2efoYJ9QO


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