Marijuana Must Be Legalized; Marijuana does NOT kill brain cells


It is 5:00 a.m. on a cold dark Colorado morning. Twenty-five SWAT team officers, clad in black helmets, body armor, wielding assault weapons, large clear shields, and heavy iron battering rams, surround a quiet residential home, shatter the front door, and throw flash-bang grenades and tear gas inside.

The team of 25 militarized cops stream into the house, screaming obscenities, shattering the terrified childrens’ sleep and jarring the scared parents awake. The SWAT team then literally destroys the home and the furniture within, slashing couches, overturning bookcases, throwing possessions all over the floor, carting the crying children off to Social Services or foster care, and throwing the parents to the ground at gunpoint, handcuffing them painfully before carting them off to the police station.

The SWAT team then locates its target: a couple dozen three-foot high cannabis plants in a modest indoor basement garden, and a pound or so of dried plant matter, some lights, some fertilizer, and a few books on how to grow marijuana.

This is not an extreme example. This scene literally happens every day in America, a nation that loudly professes that it is a “free” country, but that leads the globe in per capita incarceration of its own people, a rate that exceeds those of human rights leaders such as North Korea, China, and Iran, due mostly to the war on drugs.

And this scene embodies America’s war on marijuana. A government this large, this powerful, this intrusive, this belligerent, is necessary to fight this modern-day prohibition against a simple herb that approximately half of the American adult population has consumed at some point in their lives. There are so many reasons this must change:

1. Money

The war on marijuana costs us money. The direct costs to local, state, and federal governments are staggering and exceed a trillion dollars. Police, prosecutors, probation officers, judges, courts, jailers, prison guards, and defense lawyers form a massive prison-industrial complex that distracts limited resources away from our failing economy and other more important priorities. The indirect costs to the economy, though more difficult to quantify, are probably higher in the form of people removed from their families and their jobs, the opportunity costs of distracted police and jammed courts too busy to adjudicate important criminal and civil cases. We also lose out on the benefits of industrial hemp, which has no recreational effect but which could be an extremely useful crop for American farmers and industry.

And all of this money has been wasted — accomplishing, like so many other heavy-handed government programs, the precise opposite result of that which was intended. Even the U.S. government’s drug czar (it is appropriate that this government position is named after an imperial Russian tyrant), Gil Kerlikowski, admits that the 40-year experiment with drug prohibition has been an abject failure.

Decades of drug prohibition has not accomplished a single of its goals. Albert Einstein’s definitionof insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As our governments at all levels pour more lawyers, guns, and money into this militarized marijuana prohibition, people still obtain it — easily — and supply and demand is totally uninterrupted on a macro scale; one dealer falls, another pops up. Under Einstein’s definition, our government is literally insane.

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2. Freedom


“People can have their own opinions, but they cannot have their own facts”

This explains the lies fed to the public about Marijuana for 75 years. Marijuana does NOT kill brain cells.

  • Covers how it’s less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco through studies and medical professionals (anyone who smokes can tell you this, no headaches, no hangovers, no addiction, no liver/stomach issues etc)
  • Covers the business aspects and how we are not only giving billions of dollars to criminals by leaving it illegal and not taxing it, we are also giving billions of taxpayer dollars to fight it, jail people, and ruin lives
  • Explains how the billions of YOUR tax dollars spent over the last 40 years to fight marijuana has doneABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop the demand or supply
  • Explains why it’s easier for your children, under 21, to obtain marijuana than alcohol due to prohibition
  • Explains why the criminal element would be virtually removed, if it was legalized. You remove the artificially inflated prices and it’s no longer worth killing over. Again, proven conclusively by our own history of alcohol prohibition
  • Explains how both the DEA and the high level drug dealers BOTH want to keep it illegal, while YOU foot the bill. They are on the same side making money from the prohibition. What does that tell you?

The former Police Chief of Seattle, and Former Mayor of Vancouver explain topics in this film. The CURRENT Mayor of Seattle says Marijuana should be legalized HERE Very interesting topic about being misled and manipulated by the Government and Lobbyists even if you don’t smoke weed. Personally, I enrage at being lied to and misled about anything. First 15 minutes will intrigue you to watch more, guaranteed. Learn Here, the creators made it freely available Please help spread this film.

“You can’t sustain a lie like that forever” -Professor Emeritus Harvard Medical School – Willie Nelson advocating legalization in Oregon


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