Marines to shed more than 20k from active duty

The United States Marine Corps is set to shed more than 20,000 active duty positions in the coming years and have already commenced a process meant to force some senior officers into an early retirement.

The Marines are on course to cut around 4,000 positions a year through 2017, decreasing the total number of Marines to 182,100 from its peak last year of 202,100, according to a major scale-down order that was quietly issued last year.

The reduction in forces could leave the elite fighting force underprepared to battle multiple regional threats, particularly those in the Middle East, according to military experts.


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  • saralee958

    So the Government sheds 20 thousand Marines, with Thousands being eliminated from the other Service Branches. So my question is what are these Military Trained Personnel supposed to do when they get back…get JOBS??? Not Likely. Go on Unemployment, Very Likely. With the Feelings of Resentment towards their Government, no jobs to keep these Vets Busy, and the Anger Building towards the lack of action from the Veteran’s Administration for Service Connected (Injured in the Line of Duty) Veterans (3 to 6 year wait) for a Decision as to whether the Vet will receive medical benefits and financial assistance.

    These are Military-trained Men and Women of today who have raised issues regarding things that have happened overseas and in the US. These Veterans have been highly trained in the art of War….and these are not Viet Nam Vets who just quietly melted away, these young men and women will demand answers and demand them now. These young Veterans, know how to stand up. There are already signs of resentment at the VA Hospitals and Vet Centers around the US for not providing Care, for not processing the Service Connected Requests, for IGNORING these Veterans much appreciated Government Service. The American People DO appreciate what they have gone thru….WHY doesnt the Government do the same??? Why do these Men and Women have to wait so very long for their Medical Services and their Service Connected Benefits?? What is wrong with our Country???