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Market update: US futures have gone closer to flat, and Europe is breaking down, IMF threatens to withdraw from Greece bailout, Bitcoin prices drop below $90

It started off as more of a green morning, but as time has gone on, things are breaking down more.

US futures have gone closer to flat, and Europe is breaking down.

Via Bloomberg, here’s a chart of Germany’s DAX index, which is now off over 1.2%.


Greece Has Three Days To Deliver On IMF Terms Or Face Consequences

Like the IMF’s withdrawal from the $240 billion bailout.


The Egyptian Stock Market Is Soaring

Headscratcher of the day.


Japan Is Quietly On A Tear

The Nikkei is surging again.


Meanwhile, Bitcoin Prices Have Been Crumbling…

In the meantime, Bitcoin prices have been steadily droopping downwards in recent weeks, and the price, via ClarkMoody, has fallen below $90.


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