Mary Sherlach, alleged school psychologist at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT is not listed in CT licenses for psychologists

Mary Sherlach is NOT LISTED AS A LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST in the Connecticut professional licenses database.

Search for yourself here:

She’s not there as a licensed psychologist in CT.

Anybody from CT know what a school psychologist in CT is licensed as?


Now, is there any other evidence of this ‘school psychologist?’

“Professionally, she’d worked in three Connecticut school systems before settling in as school psychologist at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, writing on her website that “I truly enjoy working with the SHS staff, parents and children.””

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That’s CNN above… 3 different school systems all as school psychologist — and no listing in CT license database for psychologists.

And this:

” Mary was a member of both the Connecticut and National Association of School Psychologists. She was a highly qualified school psychologist with many years of experience.”

From here:

The Connecticut Association of School Psychologists website is owned, operated, and administered by somebody in UTAH — Hostmonster. In other words, NOT BY ANY CONNECTICUT SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS, AFAIK. There is no evidence to suggest it is a credible site. Very low to zero traffic operated by a host in Utah and no local CT sysop.

To check into the “National Association of School Psychologists” you need to go here:


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