MASSIVE FRAUD! To skirt a limit set in a 2008 law, the Obama administration structured the $1.3 billions in payments to Iran in 13 transactions of $99,999,999.99 each

Does IRS only go after private citizens for this kind of “structuring”

Structuring includes the act of parceling what would otherwise be a large financial transaction into a series of smaller transactions to avoid scrutiny by regulators or law enforcement. Structuring often appears in federal indictments related to money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes.

“When the president does it, it’s not illegal.”

bonus: another famous case of progressive quote-mining…

Obama Admin Won’t Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion

The State Department said it does not know how the remaining $1.3 billion was transferred or to whom it was transferred. Cruz described this disclosure as “confounding.”

“It is even more confounding that the State Department spokesman claimed Monday not to know how or to whom the residual $1.3 billion was transferred, although he does know the transaction happened,” Cruz said. “That kind of money doesn’t just transfer itself to a rogue regime still under heavy U.S. sanctions for its sponsorship of terrorism. Someone in our government must have the answers the American people deserve.”

Obama visits a federal prison commiserating with criminals. I visit schools to help keep kids from landing there.