Massive storm pummelling Middle East good news for Israeli water system, not so much for Syrian refugees

Good News for Israel, Bad News for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Weather in the Middle East is usually not very interesting. In the summer, it’s hot, and in the winter it’s cool. Sometimes it rains.

But this week, it’s rained and rained and rained. Snow is also predicted for Jerusalem and Amman, a rare occurrence that has children in both cities anxiously watching the sky.

In Israel, the level of the Sea of Galilee rose on Tuesday by more than eight and a half inches — the highest rise for a single day since Israel began taking measurements in the 1920s, according to Uri Schor, the spokesman for Israel’s Water Authority.

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“It’s really good news that there’s so much water,” Schor told The Media Line. “We are still in the midst of the storm. We expect the Sea of Galilee to go up even further in the next few days.”



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