May 10 is Trust Your Intuition Day, Lipton’s Birthday, Shrimp Day, Clean Up Your Room Day

Trust Your Intuition Day

Insight, gut feeling, trusting your heart, a sixth sense, instinct. No matter how you describe, it, everyone knows that feeling inside that either causes a tense stomach, or causes a feel good reaction. The trouble with intuitions is that we don’t always acknowledge or heed it. Intuition can steer you either away from or toward a situation. It’s not tangible, but it is recognizable, if you’re open to it. Trust Your Intuition Day is a day to follow your first instinct.

For left-brainers who rely on rational, analytical, logical and objective decisions, celebrating this holiday may be a challenge. The Association for Psychological Science errs on the side of caution, as sometimes following gut instincts can hinder decisions.

Lipton’s Birthday

Had it not been for yachtsman and entrepreneur Thomas Johnstone Lipton, you may not be enjoying an affordable cup of tea. The man whom Queen Victoria knighted in 1898 introduced affordable tea to working class families in the United States. Lipton purchased tea estates in modern day Sri Slanka (Ceylon), which was closer than China and therefore came with a lower shipping cost.

In previous years, the East India Tea Company held a monopoly on tea in the states. Colonists first experienced tea in 1714. Thanks to the 1767 Townshend Revenue Acts, tea, along with paper, became a taxable item. The revenue acts were repealed by 1770, but the new Tea Act of 1773 added “a threepenny per pound import tax on tea arriving in the colonies.” On Dec. 16, 1773, the historic Boston Tea Party occurred, resulting in 342 containers of tea in the Boston Harbor. Savor some tea, and its rich history. On May 10, the anniversary of Lipton’s birthday, try Minted or Strawberry Iced Tea.

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National Shrimp Day

In the late 16th century, the Indians of Xeoj and Quoij ate them. In the beginning of the 20th century, shrimp sauce on fish cutlets was a Christmas dinner staple alongside cream of oyster soup. In the 1970s, shrimprelish and shrimp cocktail were on the holiday menu, although shrimp served with a tomato-based, spicy sauce dates back to the late 19th century.

Not everyone is a fan of the shrimp as an appetizer. PETA provides colorful nicknames for the small crustaceans, including “poop cocktail” and “cholesterol bombs.” If you can’t resist the flavor of shrimp, tryshrimp and romaine or spicy shrimp on skewers.

Clean Up Your Room Day

It’s the subject of TV shows, parent-kid arguments and college roommate strife. Clean Up Your Room Day offers you a day to find those missing socks, discover the source of a hidden malodorous object and mend relations with your family and roomies. Play your favorite music, grab some garbage bags or storage boxes and start cleaning.

* Designate piles: wash, trash, organize or donate. Go through each pile twice.

* Wash curtains and bedding.

* Clean mirrors and dust electronics.

* Sweep the floors and vacuum.

* Isn’t that better?

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