McCain Associate Subpoenaed Because He Knows The Dossier Content Sources!! Did Crooked FBI & Clinton Campaign Contribute?

A former State Department official with ties to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday because of his reported firsthand knowledge of the sources behind the salacious dossier on President Trump, the committee confirmed to Fox News.

The dirty dossier was amended and added to several times in attempt to meet FISA warrant requirements. Lots of conspiring was done create this Democrat “opposition research” for the Clinton campaign. Also known as the “life insurance policy” and phony “intelligence report”

Many names and uses for what was essentially a fraudulent document knowingly filed as false records with the FISA court to spy on the opposing candidate, interference in the election, and the means to overthrow the elected President with fraudulent intelligence.

So WHO ALL CONTRIBUTED to this ever-changing document? Crooked FBI? John Podesta? DOJ? RINOs?

They have subpoenaed McCain’s dossier delivery boy because he knows the sources.



Podesta email bombshell: Clinton campaign was heavily funded by Monsanto

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Julian Assange’s sacrificial effort to expose the vast corruption behind the Clinton Machine through his “WikiLeaks” releases, has done so much over the past year to change the course of both the nation and the world for the better – most notably with the recent election of outsider Donald J. Trump as America’s next president-elect. But what else do these WikiLeaks releases reveal that hasn’t been covered by the media, particularly with regards to food policy?

A simple search for the word “Monsanto” in The Podesta Emails batch of leaked email documents shows that the biotechnology giant is a close friend of Hillary Clinton and her family’s Clinton Foundation – big surprise, right? Dozens of emails and email chains speak about the world’s most evil corporation, several discussing its many contributions to what has now been exposed as a massive money-laundering “charity” scam that the Clintons used to line their own pockets.

Along with Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and a multitude of other ill-regarded multinationals, Monsanto is exposed as being a longtime contributor to the Clinton Foundation, likely “scratching the back” of the organization with pay-to-play “donations” in exchange for political favors. This is, of course, what the Clinton Foundation is all about, we now know, which is why the Clinton campaign worked so hard during the final days of the election to keep all eyes distracted from WikiLeaks.

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