McDonalds In Crisis As French Fries Dangerous Ingredients Revealed

by Baxter Dmitry

Research has revealed that French Fries are actually comprised of 19 shocking ingredients.

We all know that eating processed or fast foods is very harmful to our overall health. McDonalds Corporation, the world’s leading dealer of GMOs and Frankenfoods, has suffered a major downturn in revenue in recent years thanks to a global awakening regarding the dangers of toxic, commercially processed “food.”

However many health conscious people retain a soft spot for McDonalds French fries. ‘Fries are just potatoes, oil and salt, right?’ they say. Wrong. These people could not be further from the truth.

Research has revealed that French Fries are actually comprised of 19 shocking ingredients. The staple side dish is a lab experiment in creating an item that looks and tastes like a potato product but is actually a chemically engineered concoction of GMOs, trans fats, chemical stabilisers, preservatives, wheat, milk, and beef derivatives, as well as poisonous additives derived from petroleum and silicone.

Grant Imahara, of Mythbusters fame, recently visited the McDonald’s fry factory to find out exactly what McDonald’s fries are made of. During the process, the Mythbusters man “reverse-engineered” McDonald’s fries and the results showed that they are made up of many harmful ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Soybean oil
  • Canola oil
  • Hydrogenated oil
  • Dextrose
  • Citric acid
  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Hydrolyzed wheat
  • Tertiary butylhydroquionone
  • Sodium acid pyrophosphate
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane
  • Natural beef flavor
  • Hydrolyzed milk
  • Hydrogenated soybean oil

The three worst offenders found on this list of Frankenfood recipe ingredients are TBHQ, dinethylpolysilioxane and hydrogenated soybean oil.


Tertiary butylhydroquionone, or THBQ, is a type of phenol used in the foods in order to prevent deterioration of food. It is also used in substances such as perfumes and bio-diesel.

Hydrogenated soybean oil – People who consume it on regular basis can expect many, many unhealthy effects. According to the Women’s Hospital in Boston and the research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Brigham Young University, showed that at least 100,000 cardiac deaths in America every year could be prevented if people replaced trans fats with healthier non hydrogenated polyunsaturated or life-giving mono-saturated oils.

Dimethylpolysiloxane – a compound that is most commonly used in hair conditioners, silly putty and in aquarium tank sealants. However Dimethylpolysiloxane dealers also receive orders from McDonalds Corporation. This hazardous compound can even contain formaldehyde, a well-known toxic chemical that has been linked to cancer, allergies, brain damage, and autoimmune disorders.

Future generations will look back at McDonalds with horror. They will be astonished that the multinational corporation was allowed by the FDA to perform what is essentially a sick and twisted science experiment on the world’s population, damaging the health of millions of unsuspecting people in the process. McDonalds aim their advertising squarely at children and adolescents, trying to hook them on their chemical-laden addictive products while they are young and vulnerable – and all in the name of profit over all else.

According to an Associated Press review of the corporation’s regulatory filings, McDonalds closed over 700 stores last year and suffered an 11 percent decrease in revenue and 30 percent drop in profit. For corporations the size of McDonalds, operating on slim profit margins, falls in profit of 2 to 3 percent can have enormous ramifications. 30 percent? We are talking irreversible terminal decline, according to industry experts.


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  • Inretrospect

    And to think that McDonalds asks if you want to supersize your order of fries… and many customers do. The non-chicken nuggets aren’t any healthier. I stopped occasionally eating there years ago, when they stopped putting beef in their hamburgers. You get what you pay for, and you will pay a costly price for doing so.

  • zencowboy61

    I will never forget watching the movie supersize me………scary.

  • Tim Hadfield

    cWhy don’t they sell real, tasty burgers, and real potato fries?
    Has it never occurred to MacDonald’s that people like real fast food?

    • Inretrospect

      Compare the prices of DQ’s burgers and fries; the price doubles. DQ’s food is real and cooked to order (they haven’t been sitting on a shelf or in a fry bin for 4-hours).

      There’s more than one reason why people are not buying fast food from McDonalds or most other fast food restaurants… they just don’t have any spare money to spend.

      • Tim Hadfield

        Too true.

  • blackballs

    Fatty McFatface will continue to eat it even if they put rat-poison in it.

  • Anti Everything

    I find it hard to believe people still eat that these places, and feed this shit to their children. This must be a real sweet fact for the PTB knowing the mass of people are that easily lead to death.

  • Noel

    McDonald’s, your crap and lies are being EXPOSED in the age of social media. FiX your act, stop feeding us garbage, and get real with REAL FOOD, or you will loose billions in money.

  • Noel

    Not to mention the violence in the inner city McDonald’s. Must be all that fake poison food.