MEANWHILE IN EUROPE: Obama Says The Constitution Is Out Dated- International Law Is Supreme, United Nations

Obama Says The Constitution Is Out Dated- International Law Is Supreme, United Nations…


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  • Noneya

    What else would you expect from the Marxist con man.

  • Unite2014

    I must presume, when Obama speaks of “International Law” he really means “International Legislation”. Since legislation is not LAW unless you agree to be bound by it. The constitution and bill of rights is more a recognition of LAW. Legislation is the antithesis of LAW, typically used to destroy law. So he is really comparing polar opposites hoping the public will not know the difference.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      He is speaking about the UCC.their bible, the universal commercial code. Who is loyal to the UCC…look a every flag has fringe – Maritime Law, or UCC…international law, under UCC.

      • Unite2014

        Maybe, There are hundreds, if not thousands of other “international laws” The International Criminal Court does not hear UCC cases. GATT is not UCC either, for example. UCC is not law either, its legislation. There (simplifying of course) are only essentially three laws. 1) The law of nature/god that gives us life and takes it away. 2) laws of civil society that state not to harm another or damage their property and you have broken no law, this affects everyone. 3) Contract law, the law between the parties that are signatories to it. “The contract is the law”, no contract, no law.

        Legislation is a rule of a society, UCC is for a society that I (and unlikely you) are members. Legislation only has the force of law if you are a member of that society (like the law society or the Chartered Accountants or own a condominium or join a book club) or if you voluntarily chose (you do this inadvertently by not rebutting presumptions) to give that legislation for force of law over yourself.

        Number two is where our rights derive from, you have the right to do anything you like except harm another or their property. If you don’t harm another or their property, you have broken no laws. Legislation is the antithesis of law, legislation was created to destroy law.

        They call is Universal Commercial “Code” specifically because it is legislation not law. Anything called act, statue or code is legislation, not law. The interesting thing about UCC is that it is not universal. For trade within Canada we use the bills of exchange act (also legislation, not law (and mush older than UCC)), not UCC. UCC originated in the USA. In its origin it was about as universal as the miss “universe” pageant. Though adopted by many countries for the purpose of regulating some aspects of international trade. It is not used by a significant number of countries where that trade does not involve the USA. It does not regulate all aspects of trade, just certain components of it.

        Maritime admiralty law is significantly older that UCC and encompasses far more than UCC. Maritime admiralty law is essentially (again, simplifying) contract law. You have the right to refuse to contract, this is the fundamental concept of consent. If you do not consent to contract, their laws have no effect on you as you are not a party to that contract and not effected by it. understanding contract and consent is essential to surviving when brought into the jurisdiction of a maritime admiralty court.

        Sorry for the long reply.

  • usmcmailman

    NO ONE listens to the boy King any longer !

  • Joannie Olstunki

    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
    We have a “Traitor” in the White House.

    • ninammam

      In a CONSTITUTIONAL Country he would have Already been arrested, along with ALL in Congress, the house, and the senate for TREASON!!!!

    • mikrat

      We have had a “Traitor” in the white house for decades – and the sheeple keep “Voting” them back in year after Year.

  • Lyin Ryin More

    They sold that piece of paper at Christies auction house June 22 2012, you missed did ya….that was Geo Washington copy..
    then there is this…223-year-old copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are … Christie’s sold that document in 2009 for $3.2 million…so they sold it- why thy have no respect for it they consider it paper, we don’t….but they have auctioned off everything, while the US watches the Kardashians —

  • Solominizer

    The constitution is outdated? Why, because you drive a car or use a computer or maybe it’s because you have indoor plumbing. Most of the people in the early days of the US were self sufficient and knew they needed to have a supply of food and fuel to get them through winter. People depended on their family and neighbors to get through tough times. Getting a good book to read was a privilege for many. They also faced many of the same political and international problems we do today. So why is the modern man so much more wise than our forefathers?Turn of your electricity and your nothing, most people today couldn’t even repair their own indoor plumbing.

  • wazoo

    I am outraged! This so called president needs to go period.

  • ThePurpleCrab

    He forgets he swore to uphold and defend it.

    • Stibbs11

      No, if you remember he bungled it (with intent)

  • Hubert H. Humphrey

    So…what are you pussies going to do about it?Type furiously about what you`d LIKE to do if you were better men?

    • Michael Crouch

      We The People do not “need” to do anything about it. That jerk will be out of the White House soon enough.

      • Hubert H. Humphrey

        That`s some nice apathy son.You really think that`s going to happen at this point in the game?Emperors don`t resign.

  • Arizona

    HERES the good news,AT no time in memory has anyone seen RATS as big as they are now,MAN I can just smell them cooking on the barby right now,THE DEMONCRATES will never give up their power TILL EVERYONE and everything is DEAD,so knowing how HARDY RATS are,we know they will survive,and as big as they are ,we’ll have meat on the table when its over……YEA………………….

    • ninammam

      BOTH parties are one in the same, they may go about things differently but for the same result. Don’t be fooled

  • Stibbs11

    The failureNchief

  • ninammam

    Why the glasses? Although what they say may be true, I really don’t trust anyone who has to cover their eyes, it makes them seem Shady, “No pun intended”

    • sallyho3000 .

      vision impairment, perhaps?

      • ninammam

        Ummmm… regular glasses instead of shaded might be a better choice for that, no?

        • sallyho3000 .

          Meh… Splitting hairs… ;)

          • ninammam

            I don’t think so.

  • BillRind

    Obama is a dog Pig and his day is coming, this guy is going to do jail ti its coming folks , sooner then you think, this guy along with Holder and Jarret and his evil parasites in his administration will do jail time

  • iuhy

    Anti-Americanism is extremely popular in Europe, so he knows he will be telling them what they want to hear. Stay in Europe with the Eurotrash socialists, freak.

  • blagostwin

    The constitution is not his call to make it is still the law of the land. Imposition of foreign law through the UN is simply illegal. What he’s saying I’ll break US law as long as I can get away with it. Question is how long America will sit still for an ideolog dictator.

  • osurperstopper

    The emperor obozo knows the people hate his guts so he rubs shoulders with the UN and the illuminati of the world and shoves his ugly black ken yon long dong down the peoples throat…

  • ninammam

    Senators, Governors, Obama, Biden and All the rest of government workers
    DO NOT work for the people they work for Corporations!!! The
    Constitution has been suspended. Youtube video (Whos running America and the CAP) watch it.

  • ninammam

    Senators, Governors, Obama, Biden and All the rest of government workers
    DO NOT work for the people they work for Corporations!!! The
    Constitution has been suspended. Youtube video (Whos running America and the CAP) watch it. https: // ww .com /watch?v= PcruyJTfn CQ&list=PL-Mz_mnMF8w FIqgGqxjRYLuA 22hoo-5Y-&i ndex= 90

  • ninammam

    https : // www .yo utube .com /watch?v= PcruyJTfnCQ&list= PL-Mz_ mnMF8 wFIqgGqxjRYLuA22 hoo-5Y-& index=90

  • BarackForceTrauma

    Each day that goes by, the Kenyan Fraudsters colors and intentions shine brighter and brighter. Far too late to do anything about it now, even if there was a mass awakening and revolt (which there will never be).

  • ENFP

    Need proof he said international law is higher than our Constitution. Where can I find this

  • Anon

    Obama: Rothschilds’ choice.