Media Buries Obama Selling Access at $45,000 Per Donor Closed-to Press $1.1 Million Fundraiser

In their reports on tonight’s two D.C. fundraising events by Barack Obama, the news media is burying the outrageous access-selling of the presidency for $45,000 by Obama to a select group of just 25 donors that brought in $1.125 million for his reelection campaign and Democratic party coffers.

The exclusive “roundtable discussion” fundraiser was closed to the press. The only report on what was said at the event is based on what Obama himself related at a later man-of-the-people fundraiser of 700 donors that cost $100 per person which was open to the press.

The AP report on Obama’s fundraising buried the mention of the 25 person, $45,000 per person fundraiser in the last paragraph of the nine paragraph article:

At an earlier event Monday at the swanky Jefferson Hotel, Obama joined around 25 guests for a closed-press round table discussion with tickets $45,000 each and proceeds split between his campaign and the Swing State Victory Fund, which supports Democrats in battleground states.

ABC News also reported on Obama’s night of fundraising, but like the AP, they buried the mention of Obama’s 25 person, $45,000 per person fundraiser in the eleventh paragraph of a fourteen paragraph article:

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Earlier in the evening, Obama attended an exclusive fundraiser with 25 supporters at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington. Each paid $45,000 to attend, according to a Democratic official. The event, which was closed to all press coverage, was dubbed a “roundtable discussion” by a White House spokesman.

Obama told the crowd at the Hilton that he spent time “reminiscing about the 2008 campaign” with those deep-pocket supporters, but had to give them a reality-check.

“I said, ‘You guys are engaging in some selective memory here,’” he said. “First of all, 2008 wasn’t easy at all. There were all kinds of setbacks and miscues. Times I screwed up. But just over three years later, just because of what you did … we’ve begun to see what change looks like.”

The funds raised at the private event benefited the Obama Victory Fund and Swing State Victory Fund, two joint fundraising accounts for the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee. The second event benefited only the Obama Victory Fund.

The previous maximum donation at Obama fundraisers in 2011 was $37,500. The new $45,000 maximum reflects a new fundraising venture called the Swing State Victory Fund.

– kristinn

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