Medical Association declares obesity a disease that needs to be treated

So I am guessing 78 million American adults and 12 million children will soon be forced into an obamacare treatment program, or face the consequences of an armed IRS agent looking to enforce a substantial fine~!! Good times eh?

It won’t be long now before a vaccine comes out to prevent this disease, I mean there is a couple hundred million dollars for Big Pharma right there, that is unless they charge tax payers a $100 dollars to prevent the disease from reoccurring, then that would be a 9 billion dollar shot in the arm for big Pharma. The burden of tax and level of oppressive control is going to be off the chains when Obamacare gets up to speed with all the new diseases that are going to need treatment in the future.

Freethinking, how long before it becomes a disease to those who conform to the liberal ideology, an ideology that makes conservatives/patriots/gun toting bible thumpers out to be potential terrorists? I can remember when the future was bright, but had no idea it was the fires of hell making it so? UUUUHHHGGGGG~!!

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If your not the right shape, think the left things, then all I have to say is remember what happened to the Jews in Germany…,0,4422080.story

EPA about to raise allowable concentrations of glyphosate (Roundup) on food crops – Tell them how you feel

Here is an obesity chart~!!


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