Men Who Turned Nuclear Bunker Into Grow Room Jailed

Three men who turned a former MoD underground nuclear bunker into a factory capable of producing £2 million worth of cannabis a year were jailed for up to eight years on Friday.

The trio were caught leaving the disused bunker in the tiny town of Chilmark, in the South East of England in February.

Constructed in the 1980s, the bunker was designed to shelter a local government in the event of nuclear holocaust. And though it is no longer owned by the Ministry of Defence, the bunker is still fully functional and, according to police, “almost completely impenetrable.”

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So secure was the bunker that police, acting on intelligence, had to wait for the three men to exit before they could swoop in, take the keys and gain access.

Inside they found up to 4,500 plants with facilities capable of generating a yield every six weeks.


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