Merkel: “Greece should never have been allowed to join Euro”

In a rare outburst, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Greece should never have been allowed to join the single currency.

Speaking at a rally ahead of elections on September 22, Merkel told a crowd of around 1,000 German voters that the debt crisis in Greece had been “brewing for many years” and blamed her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, from the rival social democrat party for letting Greece join the euro.

Angela Merkel’s main rival in the German general election next month has pledged to suspend EU-US trade talks over the National Security Agency spying scandal if he replaces her as chancellor.



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  • M_Avalon

    “Greece should never have been allowed to join Euro”

    So, what ya going to do about it, Angie; kick them out or continue bailing them out? I’m thinking the latter.

  • Big M

    Who in the name of Christ was ever stupid enough to believe that the Euro could last? It was pure fiat from Day One. God, is the collective IQ of people in Europe 65 or something?