MERS-CoV (Virus) ‘Threat To The Entire World’ (WHO) – Current Case Fatality Rate (CFRd): 49%

New SARS-like virus is spreading

Of the 49 known infections with the MERS-CoV virus, 27 have resulted in death, the organization said.

The latest deaths were reported in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi health ministry said Wednesday that three people died from their infections in the country’s eastern region.

WHO tracks new coronavirus to Middle East The virus is “a threat to the entire world,” the WHO’s general director said Monday.

Health officials do not yet know much about how the virus spreads, which makes it hard for scientists to prevent infections

Yesterday Agence France Presse (AFP) reported the death of France’s first MERS-CoV patient, a 65-year-old man whose illness was first reported on May 8.

The French patient who died became ill on Apr 23, six days after he returned home from a vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Another person contracted the virus after sharing a hospital room with him from Apr 27 to 29.

More Background:

Total human cases of MERS-CoV: 49a
Total deaths attributed to infection with MERS-CoV: 23
Current Case Fatality Rate (CFRd): 49% 

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That fatality rate is SUPER high.


Coronavirus death reported in France



Read update from the World Health Organization HERE.




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