Meryl Streep Golden Globes Donald Trump Controversy – The Divide And Conquer Method Exposed

You can imagine Hillary and Donald having a Toast to evil, after the greatest Piss Take ever? Amazing how the hoards are meant to look up to polluted Actors and their damaged opinions. GIMME A BREAK!





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  • Lophatt

    Just another Soros whore. What a scam. Who cares what these idiots think (or say they think)?

    • Robert Sanger

      She got nose stuff in this probably for movie they make

  • Joe Blow

    So Meryl, why no outrage over the four niggers beating on a handicapped kid and putting it on FaceBook??

  • WTH

    Meryl… you are an actress and therefore, you are not expected to know fiction from reality (you deal with fiction more than you do reality)… but PLEASE, DO ALL OF US A FAVOR before you try to speak on the real, true things in life, please GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT… mostly for YOUR SAKE AS YOU HAVE A CAREER AT STAKE… but for our sake (those of us that watch you act [play pretend] DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you speak of things for which you are not familiar). The mainstream media (aka fake news) tries to “put one over” on the average American daily and it is a battle. Apparently, you have chosen to be “sucked into this matrix of fake vs. reality” which we ordinary Americans deal with regularly but cannot expect you to know the difference as you live in a world of pretend; however, if you desire to “delve” into our world, please take it seriously and spend some time fact checking before you speak on a subject.