Meteorite fell into the sea with a loud boom – 2012-12-11-Turkey, Black Sea region (video inside)

Last night a meteorite fell into the sea near the Black Sea region city Ordu, Turkey. A security cam recorded the impact. The video can be seen from here; trt is the govermental TV channel : http://www.trthaber.com/haber/turkiye/persembeye-goktasi-dustu-66818.html

translation :

A security cam recorded the impact of the meteorite. Last night a meteorite fell into the sea near Persembe county of Ordu. The sky brightened up and a slight tremor has occurred on land. Some inhabitants panicked.

Dünyan?n Yan?ndan Dev Gökta?? Geçiyor | izlesene.com


From another link :

The region where the camera is is about 5 kilometers away from the actual event came to an end on the Black Sea. During the incident, which occurred around 22:00 hours on the 11th Dec 2012, a man working as a security guard, Hakan Cesur, said that he felt a little jolt out of the face of the sky at the time.

“It was a ball of fire coming down from heaven into the sea, I was just staring at the TV to see if there was anything going on in Turkey, he said.”


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