Methane Doom – Geoengineering could destroy our planet – SOON!!

Methane extinction is a very real phenomena… unfortunately. The clathrate gun hypothesis is the popular name given to the hypothesis that rises in sea temperatures (and/or falls in sea level) can trigger the sudden release of methane from methane clathrate compounds buried in seabeds and permafrost which, because the methane itself is a powerful greenhouse gas, leads to further temperature rise and further methane clathrate destabilization — in effect initiating a runaway process as irreversible, once started, as the firing of a gun. The best example (or worst) is the Permian extinction event, when 96% of all marine species became extinct 251 million years ago. Now the process of Chemtrails and geoengineering could release this methane and destroy all life on surface – spread the word!

Loads of great info here:


Former Military engineer talks about experience with Chemtrails and the massive cover-up being used to defraud the public!

Great documentary on Chemtrails – MUST SEE!!

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