MH-17 Coverup Continues! After Record $47 Million Bounty Paid! Western Intelligence Conduct Raids

As Dutch officials released a photo of a piece of the missile that allegedly shot down MH-17 passenger plane over Ukraine in July 2014, Multiple raids have been carried out by German and Swiss officials related to the investigation.

A raid in Germany was conducted on the home of private German detective Josef Resch, whom was hired by a unknown client to conduct a private investigation of the crash.

In the german raid officials reportedly seized “explosive documents” which could shed new light on the downing of the plane. In The Swiss raid, Resch’s safe deposit box seized, though Swiss courts have yet to determine if the contents have anything to do with the investigation.

The investigation has been criticized for depending mostly on the Ukrainian government for evidence, blaming Russia.

In this report I am joined with Christoph Germann to discuss the recent developments of the MH-17 case, continued coverup and motives for those involved.

Christoph Germann is an independent analyst and researcher based in Germany where he is currently studying political science. His work focuses on the New Great Game in, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus region.

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