Michigan about to require women to buy “rape insurance”

A legislative ballot initiative to ban abortion coverage in health insurance plans and require women to buy what opponents call “rape insurance” was approved by Michigan’s Secretary of State this week and is expected by many to become law because it cannot be vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

On Monday, the Michigan Secretary of State certified that the group Michigan Right to Life had enough signature for the legislature to take up the measure. The group turned in 315,477 signatures, but only 258,088 — or 3 percent of the state’s voters — were needed. Snyder vetoed a similar bill last year, but Michigan’s constitution does not give him the authority to sign or veto legislative initiatives.

The initiative would require that all health plans — not just plans under the Affordable Care Act — be stripped of any abortion coverage, even in the cases of rape or incest. Women would have to purchase a separate rider to receive abortion coverage.

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For those who are asking how this is possible/legal, the process is called an “indirect initiated state statute”…..

Forced-birth group Right to Life of Michigan succeeds in bypassing voters to enact “Plan Ahead for Your Abortion” law