Michigan Teen contracted Flesh EAting Bacteria–Possibly while Shaving Her Legs


Kaylee Queen Flesh Eating Bacteria: Michigan 18-Year-Old In Hospital After Contracting Two Kinds Of Bacteria

Michigan teenager Kaylee Queen is in the hospital after being infected with flesh-eating bacteria (also known as necrotizing fasciitis) and another, unknown, bacteria, according to news reports.

The 18-year-old, from Burton, had flu-like symptoms and experienced a raised, growing rash on her body, that prompted her family to bring her to the hospital last week, WJRT reported. A couple of days after arriving the hospital, doctors performed surgery on Queen to remove infected muscle and tissue.

The exact source of the bacteria is not known, “but going from the site of where it started … it looks like possibly from shaving,” Dianna told WJRT.

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Doctors Think Michigan Teen Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Shaving Razor

The Michigan teen initially thought she was suffering from the flu; the idea of a rare flesh-eating bacteria invading her body did not occur to the 18-year-old. Kaylee Queen was taken to a Burton, Michigan area hospital after a “raised rash” appeared across her body, according to the Daily Mail.

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Michigan doctors believe Kaylee Queen may have contracted the flesh-eating bacteria while shaving her legs, the spot where the raised rash first appeared.

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An 18-year-old nearly died after what she thought was the flu turned out to be a rare flesh-eating bacteria that she may have got from shaving her legs.

Kaylee Queen, from Burton, Michigan, was taken to the hospital by her family after she developed a raised rash across her body.

Doctors suspect that she could have contracted the infection while shaving her legs, where the rash first appeared.

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