Microchip that can pinpoint user’s location to the CENTIMETER and what floor in a building they are standing on

A landmark new microchip will be more accurate than any other one on the market by being able to determine the user’s precise location within centimetres.

Not only will it be geographically accurate, but it will give information about the location in terms of height and depth as well.

The chip, produced by tech company Broadcom, can pinpoint the location of a smart phone both inside and outside of buildings and can tell how far above ground the cell is at the time.

Down to the detail: In addition to precise location determination, the chip will use atmospheric pressure to show what floor the user is on

Using information from the typical sources, like cell phone towers, satellites, and Wi-Fi hot spots, the company has incorporated new sources of information to make the Broadcom 4752 even more revolutionary.

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Amid the series of new sources of information which they vaguely label ‘ubiquitous navigation’ is the use of an atmospheric pressure sensor that helps the chip determine how high up in the air the phone is.

As a result, it would theoretically be able to tell what floor the user is on in a building.

The latest microchip is just another significant notch for Broadcom to add to its belt as it is already the biggest GPS provider for GPS chips to smartphone producers.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2128034/New-microchip-pinpoint-users-location-CENTIMETRE-floor-building-standing-on.html#ixzz1rnZn88pP


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