Migrant Flood Video

by SP

ZH reported this last week on the problem of the migrant flood out of Africa.  Refugees leave Africa in flimsy overloaded craft and are promptly “rescued” a few miles off the African coast (“to save lives”) and taken to ports in Southern Italy.  There, they are housed in warehouses, and eventually escorted to the Austrian border.

Austria responded forcefully by the threatened flood of migrants bringing barricades and armed troops to the Italy-Austria border to deny entry.

Last week, overwhelmed Italy, responded the the EU’s lack of assistance with a counter-threat to give 200,000 Africans EU Visas that would allow them to travel without restrictions in Europe. (the “nuclear option”).  Here we have the full on “Weapons of Mass Migration” conflict tool being deployed.

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A facebook friend responded by posting this video that includes a montage of LOTS of migrants throughout Europe.  This is very staggering to watch and give a vivid picture of the way societies can be destroyed by unlimited migration.

A friend then points out the limitations of the GREEN-Meme-only thinking pattern:

 It’s like a loving and humanitarian husband and wife who want to adopt international orphan children. Maybe they can manage to support six kids and scrape by, but they can’t afford to adopt 25 without destroying the whole family and losing the six. It is like that, but a million times worse.


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