Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call

A massive fire at Düsseldorf’s major international trade fair grounds yesterday has been followed by reports that the blaze was set deliberately by migrants who were angry because of Ramadan. According to the testimony of “several burly Moroccan refugees” which the paper had spoken to even as the hall burnt down, the Iranians employed by the German state to look after other migrants from around the world had “deliberately” not woken the Arabs up in time for their Ramadan breakfast following a long run dispute.

There were initially two arrests of migrants that were found at the scene boasting about setting the fire, but this number later rose to six. The men arrested are reported to have been citizens of Morocco, Algeria, Syria and Iraq..



h/t Face of a dying Nation – Backup

And speaking of arson, in Greece, at the Souda refugee camp on island of Chios, Muslim ingrates set garbage cans on fire which damaged tents and containers with clothes that belonged to the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other non-governmental organizations operating in the camp.

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And now I suppose the German taxpayers will pay for new accommodation for them. Fukkit, if they burn down the housing that was given them let them sleep on the ground – or better still send them back. And how long have Morocco and Algeria been war torn countries?


Just heard on the radio Ramadan starts and its going to be the most difficult for thirty years, meaning Mohammedans will be fasting for twenty hours a day, and by the time theyve eaten they will only have about two hours sleep. Of course most will probably nap when not in work too, theyll have to. It is very worrying that cab drivers, bus drivers and A&E staff will be working on little food and even less sleep!

An employer rang in to say that he employs 300 people in his engineering works. 75 are Mohammedans. Last year during a less demanding ramadan he had three accidents, one involved the man losing two fingers. To avoid this happening he has given his Mohammedan workers paid leave during the fast and hhired temporary staff to cover them. If he doesnt give them paid leave then he could be taken to court for discrimination! How unfair is this to others who do not get three weeks paid extra leave. They should have to take it out of their own holiday! It is also ridiculously unfair to the employer. Its costing him 80K to take on extra temporary staff.




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