Military Veteran Says Obama Is “Greatest Threat to America & World Since WWII” / By Tim Brown

Retired military veteran Lt. Col. Ronald G. Marlar received an email from the Obama campaign “Organizing for Action” in which he was rudely encouraged, “You should forward this.” The email contained a video link to the Obama website where Sami Rahamim tells of his father’s murder in a mass shooting that took place in Minneapolis in September 2012. While my heart goes out to Rahamim’s family and I’m sure Lt. Col. Marlar’s does as well, it was the emotional appeal for more gun control legislation that got under the retired veteran’s skin, prompting him to write letter in response in which he said that Barack Obama is “the greatest threat to the US and the world, intentionally or not, since WWII.

Marlar’s service to the United States spans over two decades, including service in Vietnam. He is also reaches out in efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Israeli Jews and Muslims in America and abroad.

Lt. Col. Marlar’s letter to Obama was also sent to Freedom Outpost and Mr. Marlar graciously gave me permission to present it to the audience.

Marlar points out the differences between his own father and Rahamim’s father. Understand that Rahamim was a Jewish immigrant from Israel whose own parents had left Iran in the 1940s, Reuven started a sign business in the basement of his home in Minneapolis’ quiet, kind of out-of-the-way Bryn Mawr neighborhood. Marlar did not express any resentment against Rahamim’s success or his legal immigration, but spoke of his father.



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