Mississippi Require Doctors to Collect Umbilical Cord Blood from Young Mothers… Identify statutory rapists, Reduce Teenage Pregnancy

Mississippi aims to curb teen pregnancy with umbilical blood law

Mississippi will require doctors to collect umbilical cord blood from babies born to some young mothers, under a new law intended to identify statutory rapists and reduce the state’s rate of teenage pregnancy, the highest in the country.


Mississippi will draw blood from umbilical cords of babies born to some teen moms

“It is a tragedy that I think has been accepted over the years where people say the young girl agreed to it so we have to accept it. And that has got to stop.”

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The state will pay for collecting and testing of cord blood, said Rep. Andy Gipson, author of the bill. Testing will be done as needed in criminal proceedings, he said.

The blood samples will be stored at the state medical examiner’s office for testing if police believe the girl was the victim of statutory rape. They will not automatically be entered into the state’s criminal DNA database.





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