Monday Bombshell: Evidence So Damning It Will “Determine the Fate of Our Nation”

Mac Slavo
April 20th, 2013


Radio host Glenn Beck has reportedly obtained information regarding the Saudi Arabian national initially detained as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

According to Beck, the lies surrounding this suspect run so deep that should they become public they will have consequences so severe that the United State of America as we know it will be “done” if the Obama Administration is not held to account.

On his radio show Friday, Beck urged White House officials to come clean.

Failure to do so, says Beck, will leave him no other choice but to release evidence so damning that it will, “determine the fate of our nation.”

Beck says President Obama and law enforcement officials have until Monday to be honest with the American people, or he will release what he knows.

This is very, very important.

What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation. 

Make no mistake. This story is number two [September 11 was #1] because of what I know. what we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What’s happening now is very important.

What happens in its aftermath will make it the most important, because it will either save our country, or we will be done.

Let me send this message very clear. We know who this Saudi National is. And it is in your best interests and the best interests of integrity and trust for the people of the United States of America.

It’s best coming from you, not coming from a news organization.

You have until Monday.

We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. We know that he is a very bad, bad, bad man.

I know that doesn’t make sense to you now, but on Monday it will.

…I don’t bluff. I make promises.

The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

I thought I  had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government.

No. No.

There is no depth that these people will not stoop to.

They have until Monday.

Initial reports after the Boston Marathon bombing were that a Saudi Arabian was in police custody and being questioned in the hospital.

Here’s what we know so far.

  • Within a few hours of identifying Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi as a possible suspect in the bombing, officials advised that the this individual was cleared of any wrong-doing.
  • The FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched Ali Alharbi’s apartment in Revere, Massachusetts. Officials indicated that no evidence was found or removed from the apartment, but eye witness reports suggest otherwise. Fox News reported live from the scene that law enforcement was seen removing several bags after searching the residence.
  • The following day, Secretary of State John Kerry had a private meeting with a Saudi foreign minister.
  • President Obama, likewise, had an unscheduled meeting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia. The official White House position is that the discussion entailed Syria, and had nothing to do with the Boston bombing.
  • First Lady Obama, also concerned about the health of the Saudi, paid a special visit to him in the hospital.
  • Within 24 hours, it was reported that college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, originally identified as the Boston Bomber, was to be deported back to his home country on “national security grounds.”
  • When questioned by reporters on Thursday, Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano said that she knew nothing about the supposed deportation and that this claim was nothing more than a “rumor.” When further pressed about the suspect’s involvement in the most significant terrorist acts on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, a frustrated Napolitano responded, “I am not going to answer that question, it is so full of misstatements and misapprehensions, that it is just not worthy of an answer.”

According to Glenn Beck, however, the real story surrounding Saudi Arabian suspect Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi has been completely covered up by the White House and law enforcement officials at the highest levels.

By Monday night, either the Obama administration comes clean, or Glenn Beck has promised to make whatever information he has available public.

If this report from Beck is legitimate, and we suspect it is, then somewhere in Washington President Obama, Valeria Jarret, Janet Napolitano and others are having a crisis meeting as we speak.

What does he know?

Whatever it is, Glenn Beck implies that it is powerful enough to bring down the Administration.


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  • Jay

    I hope for Glenn Beck’s sake this isn’t another Andrew Breitbart moment.

    • Betty Bentley

      Breitbart wasn’t an idiot running around yelling “The sky is falling”. He could actually back up what he said. Beck, on the other hand, talks big but never seems to come across with what he says he’s got.

  • El Romano

    Yeah, okay. Our nation as we know it will no longer exist, but I’m going to take the weekend off and come clean on Monday. Talk about a weak tease and only Beck’s moronic followers would fall for it.

  • Meepo

    I hope Beck spends his weekend in a very discreet location, because if what he says is true he may just be disappeared.( Mind you that’s a really big IF.)

  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    It’s difficult to take Beck seriously, when he attempts to go all hard-core, because on the scale of manly men, he comes in somewhat lower than my Grandma. Of course, the whole thing with “I told George Soros and his people to go to Hell”, but then apparently cashing the check anyhow and starting to run interference for the NWO…..that sorta lost him all of his credibility…, assuming he ever had any in the first place.

  • variabletime

    One of Bin Laden’s sons?

  • trigon400

    I’m of the impression that this is pretty much just a ratings grabber by Beck & that it will be somewhat anticlimactic.
    We’ll see…

  • Shantiananda

    I think Glenn is hurting for ratings.

  • felixthecat

    if what he is saying, is true, then mr. beck don’t get on any planes these weekend.

  • len

    how does this clown get “evidence” of any kind? he’s not an investigative reporter, he’s a loud mouthed clown who makes his living saying outrageous things not even he believes.

  • MrMagoo

    nvestmentwatchblog and Glenn Beck, made for each other. Chicken little blow-hards.

  • fuckyoudirtyjew

    this guy is a government shrill as well for jewish subhuman shit pigs

  • Vox

    This is the same clown that bursts in to horse tears every time the mere mention of the word “israel” is in the air. “Boo hoo hoo, Israel, boo hoo hoo, izzzz-reee-ulllll, boo hoo hoo”. He’s a drama queen. Forget about this Judas Goat.

    • gordon_wagner

      That’s a good litmus test — what’s your opinion of Israel? And if you get the usual bovine excrement about what a nice boy Jonathan Pollard is, et cetera, and how much the USS Liberty resembled an Egyptian horse carrier, then you know you’re dealing with a member of The Tribe. You can forget ever hearing anything other than the current propaganda from them.

  • gordon_wagner

    Sounds like BS to me. I’ve followed “conspiracies” for a long, long time, and people like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones baffle me — who do they work for? They don’t seem like actual “conspiracy theorists” so I figure they’re on somebody’s payroll. I can’t figure out whose, just yet.

  • Dory Mclaughlin

    I hope Glenn doesn’t have “an unfortunate accident” tonight….

  • Ron Leighton

    The fate of the nation…can wait til Tuesday.