Monsanto accused of conducting an army of shills to crackdown on negative online comments

via leakofnations:


In a San Francisco federal court case, the plaintiff accused GMO giants Monsanto of hiring third-parties who hide their association with the company to respond to negative online comments, also known as ‘shills’.


The case challenges Monsanto’s corrupt relationship with members of the Environmental Protection Agency and their attempts to manipulate scientific publications and crack down on online dissent. Monsanto’s ‘Let Nothing Go’ campaign allegedly hired online ‘shills’ to quickly respond to social media chatter about the carcinogenic properties of their ‘RoundUp’ product.
The plaintiff claims to have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of exposure to glyphosate in Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ product, and believes that Monsanto aggressively attempted to remove all warnings of the risks surrounding the pesticide.
See below the accusation recorded in a United States District Court litigation summary:
Monsanto Litigation, 'Let Nothing Go' shills in Roundup Litigation

Monsanto have gained such a bad reputation for online shills that it has become common practice on the news aggregation site Reddit to write ‘Monsant0’ when discussing the company in a bad light so that it is not indexed on a search engine.

The company are also accused of pressuring scientific publications to downplay the risks of their products. In an email chain used as evidence in court (acquired via Mass Tort Nexus), a company executive instructed his staff to ‘ghost write’ articles, planning to have independent scientists “just sign their names” to the study.